One-year probation for man arrested with 60 bags of heroin in Paterson | Paterson Times

One-year probation for man arrested with 60 bags of heroin in Paterson


A man arrested in June with 60 bags of heroin is getting a one-year probation sentence.

Moshe M. Kahan, 33, pleaded guilty to a single count of third-degree drug possession on Tuesday morning.

Kahan admitted to having the 60 bags of heroin in his hands on June 15 on 6th Avenue and East 24th Street in Paterson.

Kahan faced a maximum of five years in state prison, but entered into a plea agreement with the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office. His probation will run concurrent with an existing municipal court probation term.

“I just want this drug thing behind me and still make a life for myself,” said Kahan. He worried he won’t be able to become a certified public accountant with a drug conviction.

Once he successfully completes probation, Kahan will be able to expunge his criminal record.

Kahan is scheduled to be sentenced on October 2.

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  • Paterson Resident

    And that makes it difficult to bring back the city. He was released to sell more drugs.

  • HankMorgan

    Drug dealer with half a brain going into accounting. Makes sense.

    • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

      Fits right in to Paterson with all our other inept officials

  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    Jews always get over. If that would have been anyone else they would've went inside.

  • John

    Yea hes gonna become.an accountant because he can add.up a few heroin bags. So he could have gotten upto 5 years in prison but instead not one day in prison. This is the mockery that the Democrat system wants to make all America into.

  • John

    Think about all the people those 60 bags of heroin would have destroyed or continue to destroy. How can the court system be so heartless for its victims. LAW.AND ORDER. HISPANIC DEMOCRATS FOR TRUMP

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Good thing his name is Moshe and not Pedro or Tyriek , if not we know the sentencing would be a lot different