Paterson cellphone thief getting three-year prison sentence | Paterson Times

Paterson cellphone thief getting three-year prison sentence


A man, who couldn’t resist swiping a cellphone that was on the dashboard of a parked vehicle on 14th Avenue, is getting a three-year prison sentence.

Corey Ivy, 47, pleaded guilty to third-degree theft from a person on Wednesday. Under the plea agreement, Ivy will have to serve three years in prison and pay the victim restitution for damaged windshield and cellphone.

On March 4, Ivy was outside of 721 14th Avenue. A man was sitting in a parked car. Passenger side window of the vehicle was broken. Ivy looked inside the vehicle and saw a cellphone on the dashboard. Ivy reached inside the vehicle and stole the phone.

Police had charged Ivy with six offenses, including robbery, simple assault, and criminal mischief. He has been held at the Passaic County Jail since March 5.

Ivy is scheduled to be sentenced on October 2.

  • John

    So this guy stole a phone and received 3 year prison sentence while the other guy this week a drug dealer from Paterson who was caught with 60 bags of heroin received a sentence of not a single day in Prison. WHAT A FUCKED UP BACKWARDS SYSTEM.

    • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

      The other guy was Jewish, they run the show.

      • John

        He is Black

        • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

          A black guy named Moshe Kahan lmfao

  • Unbelievable.78

    This is what happens when you don’t have a lawyer.

  • Unbelievable.78


  • John Brown

    Thats Bullzhit!@@

  • Paterson Resident

    The Judicial system in Paterson is flawed.


      The Judicial system in Amerikkka is flawed.