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Paterson man allegedly tried to steal four bottles of liquor from Costco in Wayne


A Paterson man allegedly tried to steal four bottles of liquor from a Costco in Wayne.

Corey Benbow, 40-year-old, is charged with 12 offenses. He is charged with shoplifting, drug possession, hindering, and other offenses.

On September 15, Benbow allegedly took four bottles of alcohol from a shelf at the Costco in Wayne and put them inside a suitcase and passed through the exits. He was later apprehended by a loss prevention officer.

Police were called. Benbow gave police a false name and date of birth. Police searched him and found three bricks or 150 bags of heroin in his possession, according to an assistant prosecutor.

“I believe this is an overcharge,” said public defender Ian Liberty, who is representing Benbow, during a detention hearing. He said there is no evidence Benbow was trying to distribute the bricks of heroin. He also did not have a large amount of cash in his possession. “He suffers from an addiction, and he was scammed.”

Liberty said the heroin bags were filled with baking soda.

Benbow was being detained because of his drug possession charges.

Benbow has been in and out of jail for the past 20 years.

Benbow has three children — ages 7, 15, and 18. He is forced to pay child support.

“It is a significant financial burden for him. It takes virtually his entire check towards his children. So, he is struggling financially right now as a result of this,” said public defender Ian Liberty.

Benbow went up to the nineth grade at John F. Kennedy High School. He obtained a GED in 2007. He does under the table work as a mechanic and does flooring and tile work, said the public defender.

Benbow suffers from anxiety and depression. He has struggled with drug addiction for his entire life, said the public defender.

Liberty suggested releasing Benbow on home detention. His client is being held at the Passaic County Jail.

  • Rupert Bodkins

    These are the most difficult and heartbreaking situations and people to deal with. I know firsthand, leave it at that. There is no solution for people like this in our courts, jails, hospitals, psychiatric facilities. All those resources-we still don't know how to help people like this. I wish I knew-someone like this almost destroyed our entire family-and we never were able to do anything to help or stop him, and yet off drugs and alcohol, was a potentially brilliant wonderful person. Only a myriad of resources-mostly disconnected from each other-help keep people like this alive, along with 12-step and whatever other support programs someone like this can get-if they are willing to take the help. and even then, these demons may kill them and others along the way. Anyone who can come up with a solution to this problem, will also be solving the homeless problem, many crime problems, domestic violence, financial and family destruction-and should get the Nobel Peace Prize, and anything else we can bestow on them. The most powerful-AA and NA-still offer at best- only a 50/50 shot you will survive and stay sober or off drugs. There are people that can do it-but it takes every resource a person can muster to do so, and to stay that way. And no small miracle.