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Three people wounded in separate Paterson shootings


Two men and a woman were injured in separate overnight shootings in Paterson, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Police responded to the first shooting on 10th Avenue and East 28th Street at around 8:08 p.m. on Friday. A 23-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man, both of Paterson, were struck by gunfire.

Police found the woman suffering from a gunshot wound. She was taken to Saint Joseph’s University Medical Center. Police were advised the wounded man was en route to the hospital. Both sustained non-fatal gunshot injuries, authorities said.

Police responded to the second shooting on Essex and Beech streets at around 4:01 a.m. A 27-year-old Paterson man was struck by gunfire. He arrived at the hospital seeking treatment. His injuries are also not fatal, authorities said.

Paterson has seen a spate of shootings since Sunday. Nine people, including one fatally, were shot since Sunday, authorities said.

Police continue to investigate the shootings. Anyone with information is asked to call the Paterson Police Ceasefire Unit at 973-321-1342.

  • John

    Since this shameful Mayor loves doing photo ops so much, he should do a photo op everytime there is a shooting in Paterson

    • Dingo jones

      Why is it that Paterson can't catch a break? I can't remember the last time we had a half way decent mayor and that's because we haven't had one in the last 50 years. Every mayor P-town has ever had has always been out for himself, you know the type that's in it for power or money or to better his life, the hell with the residents. Not one time we had a good human being with principles. You would think a minority mayor would understand our struggles and try to make things better right? WRONG they are even worse than the white politician and a lot dummer, getting arrested for taking bribes that was Marty Barnes then Jeffery jones got out just in time he was rapped in controversy and of coarse Joey Torres that's 3 out of our last 5 mayors no wonder Paterson is in such bad shape. Maybe we need a woman mayor and I'm not prejudice but we need a white woman. Does anyone know what Hillary Clinton is doing for the next 4 years

  • John

    Hillary Clinton? She's the thief of thieves. She should be behind bars. Look at what she did to Haiti