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Paterson naming a street Mexico Boulevard in tribute to Mexican Americans


Municipal officials are naming a section of Grand Street between Main Street and Marshall Street to Mexico Boulevard in tribute to Mexican Americans living in Paterson.

Councilman Luis Velez collected more than 100 signatures from area business owners to propose the street naming.

“Mexico Boulevard will serve as symbol of recognition and honor to all those that immigrated, followed their dreams, gave their lives for this country, who paved the road for future generations and whose contributions have left a lasting footprint in Paterson,” reads the measure naming the street.’

Councilman Michael Jackson, who owns a restaurant on Grand Street, opposed the street naming covering two blocks on Grand Street from Main and Mill Street. He said he didn’t want his restaurant’s address to be changed to Mexico Boulevard because his business has been featured on magazines and television with the Grand Street address.

Velez pointed out it’s an honorary street name. He said the street will be also known as Mexico Boulevard.

Jackson also questioned Velez’s 117 petitions.

“There was a recent rental space of a Mexican smoothie place between Marshall and Mill that doesn’t mean it’s representative of that entire community,” said Jackson. He said he thought the street naming would cover one block on Grand Street from Main to Marshall Street.

Velez agreed to change the measure and reduce it from two blocks to one block at Jackson’s recommendation. This means, Jackson’s restaurant, which is on Grand Street between Marshall and Mill Street, will fall outside of Mexico Boulevard.

Velez said thousands of Mexicans live in Paterson.

Council members approved the measure in an 8-0 vote.

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  • HankMorgan

    Love this! I hope it catches on and we begin to see more recognition of our beautiful hardworking Mexican brothers and sisters nationally.

  • http://Patersontimes.com Limbaugh

    And what about the panhandlers?

    • HankMorgan

      Yeah, they mostly look like young white dope addicts. What does that have to do with supporting and celebrating our wonderful Mexican community?

      • http://Patersontimes.com Limbaugh

        I meant they should clean that area it’s a shame that they are in the area of county offices and jail.
        Mexicans are hard working people.

        • HankMorgan

          Right on! There’s also Eva’s right there so you’re not seeing Paterson’s best right there. Not to disparage the great institution that is Eva’s. But this is a start, eh? I think we’d all benefit if we saw a greater appreciation of the Mexican community in New Jersey and throughout the rest of the country.

  • bigron

    Viva Mexico!

  • Lueminattibenz

    1.Mexico ave
    2.bengali ave
    3.dominican ave
    4.Colombia ave
    This is self segregation
    By races of people who are turning
    Paterson NJ into segregation zones
    Hispanic people from other countries are very prejudice most of them from my experience as an american born latino
    In my humble opinion I think this not a unifying strategic move .
    If anything it further divides our current melting pot situation as a whole as a people under one nation of every color and race .
    everyone knows Paterson is not a friendly town corrupt people like velez and jackson pascrell /davila are parasites to Paterson nj and the United states of America modern day segregation and they are using street signs to do it because Paterson peoples are born dumb n Democrat thats what pascrell has been banking on since 1996 .wake up Paterson

  • Paterson Resident

    Que is Mccoy doing for his people? All these years on council?

    • Lueminattibenz

      I agree pascrell allows all of this and so does Nellie pou and and good old pedophile bob menedez who goes to DR to bang little under age Dominican girls sure its not illegal there or in Mexico or Peru or colombia or Venezuela or even maybe Africa or Israel
      But this the USA respect it .hispanos unidos se murio when Nellie pou and bob menedez took over 35 th congressional district of new jersey for the senate of the United states of America

  • Plumber

    Wait a minute how about the hard working drug dealers and prostitutes on Van Houtan st and Summer st they should change the street name to Hoe Street and Heroin Highway shit they should get recognition too for their hard work
    Enough with the bullshit how about leaving it just good ole Grand st

  • Eric B. McKenzie

    We have better things to do than just rename streets after people and organization !!!
    How about cleaning up the 5th Ward, collecting signatures from business to participate in a clean up initiative.
    Since its important to change the street names, why not give everybody in the City a street ?

  • John

    When will Paterson be renamed? Perhaps to BLM or Malcolm X or Farrakhan