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Paterson man tried to strangle girlfriend during argument


A city man has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault for trying to strangle his girlfriend during an argument.

Corey Pough, 40-year-old, entered the guilty plea before Passaic County Superior Court judge Joseph Portelli on October 6.

On September 12, Pough was with his girlfriend L.W. in Paterson. He and the girlfriend got into an argument. He put his hands around her neck and began to apply pressure obstructing her breathing, he admitted in court.

Police arrested and charged him with aggravated assault for trying to strangle a domestic violence victim and making terroristic threats.

Pough faced a five-year prison sentence on the charges. His guilty plea will get him a reduced three-year prison sentence.

As part of the plea deal, Pough is barred from making contact with L.W.

Pough is scheduled to be sentenced on November 13.

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  • John Brown

    Who amongst us men wanted to do this
    At one time or another?

    • HankMorgan

      Not funny.

    • bigron

      Someone should have done that to your mother when she was pregnant with you so we wouldn't have to deal with your numb nut comments here.

    • Miss jamaica

      Not funny domestic violence is real
      Maybe this is just a poor choice of words on your path.
      I am hoping you are not abusing any one.
      Your comment make me question.
      In every relationship there will be disagreements it never good to use a fist.
      I will continue to pray for the abuser man or woman that god will have mercy on their soul.