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Paterson shuts down two after-hours spots, police say


The police shut down two after-hours spots, seizing dozens of bottles of liquor, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Eudies Aguilar Oliva, 42, of Clifton; Jose Santos, 37, of Paterson; Yinaiqui Nunez, 22, of Paterson, were issued summonses, police said.

Oliva allegedly operated an after-hours club out of the Akimekedo Restaurant, 405 Main Street. The restaurant closes at 10 p.m. and turns into an after-hours selling alcohol without a license and a DJ playing loud music, police said.

Police said the restaurant appears closed, but is teeming with people. Police heard loud music coming from the spot from across the street. Police busted the spot at around 11:41 p.m. on Friday. Police were met by security at the location. Officers observed 20 people seated at tables with buckets of beer and glasses of alcohol in front of them.

Oliva could not produce liquor and entertainment licenses. He told police he did not have them. He was issued summonses for sale of alcohol without a license, no entertainment license, maintaining a nuisance, smoking in public, loud music, and allowing the consumption of alcohol other than beer and wine.

Police confiscated alcohol, hookahs, and hookah equipment along with $457 cash.

Five 24 cases of Corona and Heineken, 10 bottles of Buchanan whisky, five bottles of Aguardiente alcohol, three bottles of Johnnie Walker Gold Label, two bottles of Patron Tequila, 15 hookah pipes, 23 grapefruit heads, two bags of hookah charcoal, and one bag of hookah tips were confiscated.

Santos and Nunez allegedly ran an after-hours spot out of 106 Park Avenue. Police received information patrons were entering through the back entrance located on Carroll Street. Patrons party until 5 a.m., police were told.

Police busted the spot at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. Police heard loud music and entered the business from the rear door that was open and had a security guard. Police saw 10 tables with several patrons sitting at each. Each table had a lit hookah that filled the business with smoke. Several tables had buckets of ice and liquor bottles, police said.

Patrons refused to answer who was in charge, police said. Police identified Nunez and Santos as the operators. Both were arrested and taken to police headquarters. Police seized numerous amounts of beer, 12 bottles of Johnnie Walker, 10 bottles of Buchanan’s Deluxe, six bottles of tequila, three bottles of vodka, and other bottles of alcohol.

Nunez and Santos were each issued summonses for maintaining a nuisance, smoking indoors, selling alcohol without a license or special permit, no entertainment license, and allowing the consumption of alcohol other than beer and wine.

Santos was additionally charged with resisting arrest.

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