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Judge rules in favor of ex-Paterson mayor Torres in health insurance case


A New Jersey Superior Court judge has ruled in favor of disgraced former mayor Jose “Joey” Torres in his health insurance case against mayor Andre Sayegh’s administration.

“The City of Paterson is hereby required to provide medical benefits, including, but not limited to, medical, dental, and prescription drug benefits to Plaintiffs on the same terms as similarly situated retirees and their eligible immediate family members, which medical benefits must be provided forthwith,” wrote Passaic County judge Randal Chiocca in a order issued on November 6.

Torres was kicked off the city’s health program after municipal officials switched to the state health plan. The state plan ended his coverage in January 2019 after determining Torres did not qualify as a city retiree.

Torres subsequently sued.

In his ruling, Chiocca also ordered the city to reimburse out-of-pocket dental expenses incurred in January 2019 in the amount of $1,080, all payments made by Torres’ wife Sonia Torres to her employer, Passaic County Technical Institute, on account of medical/health insurance coverage upon demonstration of the amounts paid, states the ruling.

“Thank you for letting me know,” said Torres on Wednesday morning. “It was clear as day. Everything was aboveboard like we’ve been saying.”

The judge also dismissed counterclaims the Sayegh administration made against Torres in the case. The city wanted Torres to pay more than $125,000 for health insurance and leave time.

Torres left office after a corruption conviction in 2017. He served a year in state prison for the crimes.

Sayegh did not rule out a possible appeal in the case.

“We are considering all options,” said Sayegh.

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  • Dingo jones

    Please someone explain to me how is a retired city worker and a fired city official fired for stealing from the city, how do these 2 totally different situations qualify for the same benefits ? That's why my dam property taxes are so high. I have a question for the city what would a city official have to do to loose his benefits ? I bet if joey turns convicted serial killer he will be getting the best health coverage in Trenton State Prison.

  • Resident41

    I never likded it Joey too much but yes the city was 100x safer with him and what he was accused of stealing is peanuts to all the stuff that’s going on.

  • HankMorgan

    This is strange.

  • Robert Tyler

    I criticized joey torres mightily during his tenure as mayor. As mightily as I did the people who manically re-elected him out of ethnic cohesion. However, does "joey" have the power, at this juncture in his life, to sway the judgement in this case? Is Judge Chiocca in his hip pocket? No one believes that. If sayegh doesn't fight it in appeals then this was all a farce. A political hit. Time will tell as to sayegh's legacy. This guy hires people without resumes. Given friends questionable contracts. Had a full operating heroin house across the street from his residence but didn't know it. Very questionable.

  • Andres Rodriguez

    It is incredible that a convict has privileges many working people suffer from the corrupt insurance policy and end up paying a lot of money and this man who stole taxpayers' money has privileges without deserving. Them many people are losing their properties due to the high costs of taxes .Mr Mayor, it would be good for you to appeal that decision of that Judge

  • Miss jamaica

    I am not a lawyer but sadly the mayor will lose this case again on appeal, New Jersey tells you when he would lose if benefits, I don’t think the crime that he commit fall into the category. I could be wrong but I agree with the judge
    If our mayor goes in for an appeal an lose, he should personally reimburse the tax payer. (Cases like these Is why our taxes are so high , the settlement that our council member approved like they are writing a check from their checkbook.
    Someone have to pay that bill it fall on the taxpayers, consider voting them out and let start over)
    Mr Torres like Mr Barnes cared about Paterson.
    I am not agreeing with what they did
    But they care and Paterson was better off
    What we have now is a debacle .

  • Lisa Meredith

    This idiot should never for office ever again.

  • John

    This current prison is more worried about payback then running the city. His hatred towards people not on his political agenda or Non Muslims must end. Patersonians wake up, dont.let this snake win.

  • John

    Joey used a few city paid workers to work for him for a few hours. Big deal. Look at what Polticians really do. Biden net worth 60 Million, Nancy Pelosi net worth 90 Million, John McCain net worth 70 Million, Romney net worth 50 Million. But yet all these politicians pay check while in officer was approx. 200k per year. Wake up sleepy heads