Paterson suspect threw handgun at police officer from parked vehicle | Paterson Times

Paterson suspect threw handgun at police officer from parked vehicle


A city man has been arrested after allegedly throwing a handgun out of his vehicle, striking a police officer, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Samuel Zarzuela, 20-year-old, has been charged with weapons and drug offenses. Police approached a suspicious parked vehicle that had its headlights turned on in the area of West Broadway and Christopher Columbus Drive at around 11:09 p.m. on Saturday. Police were searching for a vehicle in the area that was occupied by four men with guns.

As police approached, the driver’s side door of the vehicle became ajar. Police saw Zarzuela in possession of money and bags of marijuana.

Zarzuela was allegedly hiding his right hand on the bottom of the seat. Police could not see what he had in his hand. Police ordered him to show his hands. He then threw a handgun out the vehicle, hitting a police officer on the elbow.

The Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun loaded with hollow-point ammunition and a high capacity magazine landed five feet from Zarzuela’s vehicle. Police recovered the weapon. Police also recovered cash and bags of marijuana that were scattered all over the ground.

Police towed the suspect vehicle.

Police officers Hector Mendez and Jon Dabal made the successful arrest.

  • ArchbishopJones

    Lots of Guns,Drugs and Prostitutes in Paterson

    • HankMorgan

      Ya think? Spend any time in a rehab facility and one thing the addicts have in common is that they all bought in p-town.

  • John

    But yet Patersonians will vote this mayor and new Police Chief right back in again