Paterson teen struck by gunfire in Christmas shooting on Market Street | Paterson Times

Paterson teen struck by gunfire in Christmas shooting on Market Street


A teenager was wounded in a shooting on Christmas Day in Paterson, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

The victim, 19-year-old, was struck by gunfire on Market and Carroll streets at around 2:57 p.m. on Friday.

Police arrived at the scene on report of a shooting in the area, but could not locate a victim. A crime scene was found in the area.

The victim arrived at Saint Joseph’s University Medical Center for treatment, police were told. He sustained non-fatal gunshot wounds, police said.

The shooting remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Paterson Police Ceasefire Unit at 973-321-1342.

  • J. Brown.

    Merry Christmas Paterson!

  • DaMan

    what a place….i guess the progressives and all those defund the police advocates have nothing to say what's happening in Paterson?

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      No one ever said defund the police in Paterson…but these white towns with military gear …3 years without a murder …sargeants making 300K a year and their taxes going up and up and up…

      • HankMorgan

        Why not defund? They are not doing anything productive with what they got.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    He was on Carroll street on Xmas? I am sure he was just Christmas Caroling and someone didn't have the holiday cheer hahaha

    • HankMorgan

      Like the dude in Pennington. Just taking an innocent 2:16 am stroll in the park.

  • John

    If I were the Mayor or new Police Chief, I would resign in disgust and shame. However in Paterson, Patersonians will rally around these fools.

  • No Ethics


    Nice to see that you are still an idiot. Do something about Paterson's drug problem instead of making silly comments.