Mask up! Don’t take Covid-19 lightly. | Paterson Times

Mask up! Don’t take Covid-19 lightly.


I am writing this letter today to caution you about taking the new coronavirus seriously. Please don’t forget to mask up, wash your hands, sanitize and clean work areas. Practice social distancing and get tested.

Taking these measures seriously will save lives. I am currently battling this horrible disease and it is not a laughing matter. Please are being hospitalized at record numbers. Families are being torn apart. The emotional and mental toll it is taking on society is beyond me.

I am grateful that I have enough strength to write this letter to you. Please take it seriously. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to everyone for their prayers. But please, beyond prayers I need you to take care of your health.

As a community, we need each other and that can only happen when we are all working together to beat this virus. I believe we can do it.

Corey Teague
School board member and activist