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Paterson Covid-19 deaths jumps from 370 to 443, data shows


The number of people who died of Covid-19 in Paterson increased from 370 to 443, according to municipal government data.

Data shows 61 percent of those who died of Covid-19-related complications in Paterson were men and 39 percent were women. 80 percent of them were over 60 or older. 58 percent were Hispanic, 28 percent Black, 9 percent white, and 5 percent Asian, according to data.

“There were a lot of deaths in December,” said health officer Paul Persaud during a Board of Health meeting on Tuesday.

Data shows the 1st Ward had the most deaths at 92. 3rd Ward had 90 deaths. 4th Ward had 85 deaths. 2nd Ward had 72 deaths. 6th Ward had 66 deaths. And the 5th Ward had 38 deaths.

The daily infection count set an all-time record on December 28, 2020 with 434 cases. Since then, the daily case count has decreased. On Tuesday, the city had 96 new cases, according to data.

Mayor Andre Sayegh’s administration scaled back the city’s Covid-19 testing program from six days to two days a week citing lack of funding.

Council members condemned the mayor’s decision. They were convening as the Board of Health on late Tuesday to discuss the decision to scale back testing.

Sayegh also opened a Covid-19 vaccination center at International High School that can inoculate 1,000 people per day.

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