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Paterson begins administering second doses of Covid-19 vaccine


Nurses at International High School began administering the second dose of the Moderna vaccine on Monday morning.

Health officials said the appointment date listed on the vaccination card will be honored without deviation.

“Everyone has a card and they know they have to get the second dose,” said health officer Paul Persaud on Friday during a Board of Health meeting. He said the date on the card serves as an appointment.

Some people have worried about the second dose and whether the site will be open to administer the shots after reading about closures because of vaccine shortage. Persaud said they should follow the vaccination card and show up at International High School vaccination site on the appointed date.

Paterson began vaccinating people on December 28. People from all over New Jersey flocked to International High School to get their Covid-19 shots because of its old-school format that does not involve the frustrating state registration and appointment system.

“I am happy that Paterson is leading from the front in reaching the point where we are already administering second doses,” said Persaud on Monday.

Persaud said the second doses are kept separate from the first doses.

Paterson has refused to hold back first doses of the vaccine. It has been successful in administering all its doses within the week it received them.

It has given 5,600 first doses, said Persaud on Friday.

Health officials said first doses will be administered this week on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday is exclusively for Paterson residents.

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