Seven people arrested, $9,000 cash seized in Paterson drug raid | Paterson Times

Seven people arrested, $9,000 cash seized in Paterson drug raid


The police arrested seven people and seized $8,955 cash during a drug raid at an apartment on Pennington Street, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Jose Liriano, 26; Jussy Geraldino, 22; Ramlin Perez, 31; Alfredo Dicent, 30; Angel Serrano, 30; Christopher Dominguez-Perez, 24; and Malik Hammond, 23, all of Paterson, were arrested during the raid at 20 Pennington Street on Thursday.

Liriano, Geraldino, Perez, Dicent, Serrano, and Dominguez-Perez, were charged with numerous drugs and weapons offenses. Hammond was charged with drug possession.

Police seized 116 Oxycodone, 55 Percocet, 12 Xanax pills, 26 grams of crack cocaine, and 6 bags of marijuana. They also confiscated an AT .32 caliber revolver and a Diamondback 9mm handgun.

Police raided the address after receiving information about “rampant narcotics distribution” occurring out of 20 Pennington Street that was disrupting quality of life.

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    Clean this place up before spring. Shut down every corner. East, west, north, south

    • TK Kirkland

      Sounds great! Start with the CIA & DEA!