Paterson schools extend remote learning to May 1, says superintendent | Paterson Times

Paterson schools extend remote learning to May 1, says superintendent


Superintendent Eileen Shafer on Wednesday night extended remote learning for Paterson schools for another two months.

“I am recommending that we continue remote until May 1 and then we give the board another update at the April workshop meeting,” Shafer told the Board of Education.

Schools have been closed since March last year. School officials opted for remote instruction after several Covid-19 cases were reported in Paterson.

Not all students were equipped with devices last school year. Officials scrambled to get all students laptops for the school year that began in September.

The school district received $3.8 million worth of thermal cameras, digital boards, laptops, masks, and disinfectants from the municipal government in late December to open in-person schooling.

Shafer hinted she may wait until teachers and staff can get vaccinated before re-opening schools for in-person learning.

“We want to make sure that all of our educators are able to get vaccinated. I am having conversations with St. Joseph’s as well as the Paterson Board of Health,” Shafer told the school board.

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  • HankMorgan

    It would be informative if you could look into the student attendance averages for remote learning sessions. How are teachers averaging grades? How are the teachers themselves being evaluated?
    I’m guessing that the entire year has been a complete academic loss from which Paterson students will never recover.

    Can we please get some real information, statistics, numbers, interviews, etc. on how remote learning is affecting all the stakeholders in the educational process?

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      You cant trust the numbers, the admins always change them , including grades to make themselves look better. The charters are worse because they have no oversight or accountability and juke the numbers so they can keep milking the tax payers and giving "consulting" jobs to their buddies like Curtis Palmore or pay out sexual harassment claims like Manny Martinez and Danny Necimo

      • HankMorgan

        I disagree. Good investigative reporters don’t simply echo what the administration says. They collect raw data and base conclusions on facts. They often must use FOIA requests or frequently due to collect those facts. But this the press’s responsibility and obligation.
        I think Jay here always does an excellent and thorough job reporting on the goings on in the city and the schools. I trust his reporting. I just don’t think he’s looked into some of the types of questions I’ve asked here. That’s up to him, of course.

      • HankMorgan

        We’re well aware of the corruption. But your issue is not related to this article.