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New Jersey Attorney General investigating alleged unprovoked police attack on Paterson teen


A video that went viral over the weekend shows a pair of police officers viciously punching a teenager during an encounter in mid-December. Video of the incident led to condemnation from civil rights organizations.

New Jersey Attorney Gurbir Grewal on Monday morning announced his office, in conjunction with the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office, is investigating the alleged unprovoked attack on then-19-year-old Osamah Alsidi of Paterson.

On December 14, 2020, at about 12:30 a.m. in the vicinity of 1245 Madison Avenue in Paterson, Alsidi is seen walking when an unmarked police vehicle pulls up. A pair of plainclothes police officers — with tactical vests and shirts that stated police on the back — get out of the vehicle and approach him.

Video of the incident made public over the weekend shows one officer repeatedly punching Alsidi. A second officer then joins and begins punching him as well. Both officers succeed in taking Alsidi to the ground.

The video sparked outrage over the weekend.

“The disturbing video shows two officers approach and beat the youth to the ground. The teen posed no visible threat to either officer and was not given an opportunity to comply with the officer’s orders — assuming any orders were even given. Instead, the teen was brutalized while two additional offices came to clear the area of witnesses,” said Selaedin Maksut, executive director for CAIR in New Jersey.

Maksut’s organization made public video of the incident from two months ago. He called for the firing of the two officers involved in the incident.

“I was disgusted,” said Zellie Thomas, a leader in the Black Lives Matter in Paterson, describing his reaction after seeing the video. “Why does it take for it to go viral for us to now fully investigate it?”

Thomas condemned the incident.

An incident report states police officers responded to report of a “suspicious person” in the area. The report states a male, Alsidi, approached the officers “screaming profanities and acting belligerent causing a disturbance.”

The report states the officers ignored Alsidi. Alsidi then got closer to the officers and got into an “aggressive fighting stance by blading his body and clutching his fist.” He then struck an officer with a closed fist in the chest, claims the police report, causing the officer to “stumble back.”

The police report states the officer then began to punch Alsidi. Alsidi then tried to grab the officer’s dispatch radio. The second officer placed Alsidi in a “compliance hold,” states the report.

“What’s in the officers report, in my opinion, does not match what we’ve seen in the video,” said attorney Diego Navas, who is representing Alsidi in a possible lawsuit against the city.

Alsidi was charged with aggravated assault on law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Another attorney is defending Alsidi against the criminal charges.

Public safety director Jerry Speziale did not respond to a call for comment for this story.

“There is an active investigation and the Prosecutor’s Office has been notified,” said mayor Andre Sayegh when reached for comments on Monday morning.

Navas said Alsidi suffered “significant injury to the head and face.” He sustained head injuries, bruising and abrasion, and a concussion. He needed treatment at the hospital after the incident, said the attorney.

Navas said four officers — Kevin Patino, Kendry Tineo, Bishnu McKnight, and Marcos Martinez — were involved in the incident. All four officers are relatively new to the police force. Patino, Tineo, and Martinez joined in 2017 and McKnight joined in 2019.

Before the part that’s captured on surveillance, Alsidi was outside of a store in the area. Officers engaged another person. Alsidi was walking away when officers began to follow him in car, said the attorney.

“I think it’s as bad as anything I’ve seen in terms of the officers’ conduct,” said Navas, who handled more than 20 police misconduct cases over the years. “Luckily, thank God, there’s a video.”

Video of the incident is below:

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  • HankMorgan

    It looks to me like the kid raised his fist and that’s when the cop went to work on him. The amount of five used seems excessive, though. But that’s cops for ya.

  • No Ethics

    At 1:36 of the video, there seems to be something brewing behind the van. Looks like one of the cops was trying to prevent someone from witnessing the incident? It would be interesting to know what the exchange was about. Maybe there are other angles from different security cameras? Maybe on that side of the street?

    • Paterson Resident

      They are all going to jail. Remember the incident at saint Joseph's hospital?

      • Vindicated

        I forgot.. remind me, please.

        • Paterson Resident

          The cops who beat and videotaped the guy who was handcuffed went to jail in no time

  • Resident41

    Oops looks like they f***k up big time.
    There’s a camera almost everywhere and these idiots should know that. All of them should be fired.

  • HankMorgan

    I need to amend my previous comment. It was the cop’s aggressive approach which triggered the fight impulse in the suspect. And then they beat the shit out of him. This will be another routine and enormous payout to the victim.
    It appears that the subhumans who make up the police force have no clue as how to deal with the public.


    Punk Police

  • WakeUpPaterson

    How much longer Paterson residents? You pay these guys salaries and this is done to one of your own. Your taxes pay their salaries, the police chiefs salary, the police directors salary, the Mayor's salary. Councilman of the 6th Ward this was done to one of your own IN YOUR WARD, but you are a staunch supporter of the this MAYOR, THUS A SUPPORTER OF ALL HIS APPOINTMENTS. Wait Wait you were a sworn enemy of Mayor Sayegh, untilllll he gave you what you wanted, he left the 6th ward seat and appointed you. Now you are on mute too and now his greatest supporter. You are all two faced. All of you act like you guys are here for the people. Some B.S. you are in it for yourself. Enough is Enough get rid of them all. We need an overhaul of every department, council, and the Mayors administration. VOTE THEM OUT. UNTIL THEY SEE US STAND UP, SPEAK UP, THEY WONT STOP. POLICE ARE PAID TO PROTECT US NOT BRUTALIZE US.

    • Dingo jones

      I agree with you. People think because they are poor they don't have power. They are wrong in UNITY THERE IS POWER. Stand up and step up Patersonians remember it's WE THE PEOPLE.

  • Paterson Resident

    Most Paterson police lacks formal education. They are dunce and almost illiterate. Take some time to read a report written by one of them. The developmental stage of their mental and reasoning capacity are displayed in their daily approach. A bunch of cocky dunce. A few detectives once came to my house to view some footage. One was acting a little cocky. I told him to calm the hell down and watch his tone because I was doing them a favor. Another claimed that he would not take his shoes off to enter my house. I told him, well you stay outside and closed my door. Stupid guys.

    • Dingo jones

      No it's not that they are stupid. The problem is that they are confident. Confident that they will get away with it and they are more than often right. We think now there are cameras everywhere they can't get away with it anymore. I laugh at that when I hear it. You remember Rodney King ? Those cops got away with it at first and that was clear as day. The feds came in after we the people started rioting. I don't blame the cops I blame all those who look the other way or even the victim who chooses money over self respect and over justice. Most people I know would gladly take that ass kicking for a few hundred thousand dollars. How about you, do you choose money over justice ?

  • Unc

    Anything that kid did was purely defensive, If those 4 scumbags help a lil' old lady cross the street Public safety director Jerry Speziale would respond with a comment. time for him to go!!!!!

  • Concerned Patersonian

    They do this all the time , they were all bullied in high school so they take it out on everyone after they receive a badge. To be honest these cops are sleazeballs I truly don’t know where they find these people it’s beyond me

  • John

    I am sure that kid thought he was entitled. This new social media frenzy has this new generation thinking that officers should not be respected but in fact disrespected. This media, elected officials with court system contribute to this behavior