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Paterson payroll ‘glitch’ results in double, delayed paychecks for employees


Mayor Andre Sayegh’s administration is dealing with a so-called payroll “glitch” that has resulted in some employees receiving double the amount of their bi-weekly pay and some not receiving their pay at all.

“Unfortunately, there was an issue with this week’s payroll that may result in a delay in direct deposit of your paycheck,” read an email sent to employees on Thursday afternoon. “For lack of a better term, there was a ‘glitch’ in our Edmunds payroll system.”

It’s not clear what resulted in the “glitch” or how many employees are affected by the delay and double payments.

The email was sent to all city employees.

Some employees reported finding two direct deposit payments in their bank accounts on Friday morning.

Councilman Luis Velez said he was paid twice by the city. He said he immediately called the mayor after seeing the two deposits in his bank account.

“They told me they put a reverse on it,” said Velez.

Employees, who did not see their direct deposit on Friday, will likely receive their pay on Saturday or Monday, according to the city’s email.

The email made no mention of some employees getting paid twice.

Sayegh could not be reached for comments on Friday morning.

Council president Flavio Rivera, chairman of the finance committee, said he was made aware of the issue on Thursday.

Rivera said the city may be able to work with the bank to reverse the overpaid sums.

“You never know who is going to take advantage of the money and take it out,” said Velez.

Late last year, municipal officials blamed glitches and errors for a small number of employees receiving extra pay. Those employees were put on payment plans to repay the city.

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  • HankMorgan

    “You never know who is going to take advantage of the money and take it..” Yeah. Especially McCheese!


      Believe that! Mayor McCheese is raking in the dough

  • Wilbur

    no one at the mgt level reviews the payroll run before it's processed?
    what a joke. People in real companies get fired for that mistake.
    Ah, the beauty of civil service …….never having to say you're sorry.


      This is what happens when you elect incompetent hacks

    • bigron

      Whole administration is incompetent. When you thought it couldn't get worse Andre Sayegh proves you wrong.

  • John

    This "glitch" fits perfectly in with this administration. Perfect Term. Couldn't fit better. Keep on voting these Democrats in, Patersonians will be alright.