Paterson police arrest three, seize two handguns at White Castle parking lot | Paterson Times

Paterson police arrest three, seize two handguns at White Castle parking lot


The police arrested three people and seized two handguns at the parking lot of White Castle on Saturday morning.

Javier Atiliano, 21; Niair Lane, 25; Winston Saravia-Ariadela, 28, all of Paterson, were charged with weapons offenses. Each was also charged with resisting arrest.

Police arrived at the White Castle parking lot, 220 Broadway, at around 7:39 a.m. on report of suspicious people in a vehicle with a weapon. A gray Acura with tinted windows and temporary plates was inside the lot.

Officers tactically entered the lot for safety and approached the car from a safe vantage point, police said. As they approached the vehicle, two occupants got out and fled on foot.

Atiliano ran with a loaded gun in his hand that he tried to discard. He was arrested at 227 Broadway.

Lane ran on Straight Street towards Van Houten Street with police behind him. He didn’t get far, police said.

Atiliano was the rear passenger in the vehicle and Lane was the front passenger. Saravia-Ariadela, the driver, remained at the scene and did not run. Inside the vehicle, police located a loaded handgun in plain view.

Two 9mm Smith & Wesson handguns were seized. One had a 30-round extended magazine.

All three are being held at the Passaic County Jail.

  • Mike Jone

    great job officers,,,keep it going.

  • HankMorgan

    How entitled and unaware can you be to sit around in a hoopty at one of the busiest intersections in town with three idiots jerking around with a handgun and dope?
    Did they not notice that they were parked under the popo’s 360 degree cameras and that Broadway is the grimiest and crimiest street in Paterson?

  • RickM

    I'll bet that the perps are even more worried having an extended 30 round magazine.
    Don't they know that it's illegal to have handguns that aren't registered?
    Someone please see if they are members of the NRA!