Shafer outlines plan to vaccinate all teachers before re-opening Paterson schools | Paterson Times

Shafer outlines plan to vaccinate all teachers before re-opening Paterson schools


Before re-opening Paterson schools, superintendent Eileen Shafer on Wednesday suggested she wants all teachers and staff inoculated against Covid-19.

Shafer said the district is working with St. Joseph’s University Medical Center and Hackensack Meridian Health to vaccinate employees. Her team has been circulating a form to get teachers and staff to sign up to get their vaccines.

Shafer said 1,146 employees opted to get vaccinated. She said a list of 500 employees was sent to St. Joseph’s and another 185 to Hackensack Meridian. She said the district’s plan to vaccinate all teachers and staff was put into action on March 3.

“We’re continuing to remind our folks to sign up,” said Shafer. She will need thousands more to sign up before she can get to her goal.

The district has almost 4,000 employees, according to payroll records. She also wants staff of all contracted early childhood learning centers vaccinated as well.

Shafer pointed out some teachers and staff have already received their shots on their own.

Employees will receive their shots either at the Meadowlands mega site or at the Hani Awadallah School, said Shafer.

“I’m happy to say people are taking advantage of it,” said Shafer. After teachers and staff are vaccinated, she wants substitute teachers to get the shot as well.

Shafer said vaccination will begin on Thursday.

“That is our first step to a return to our buildings,” said Rosie Grant, executive director for the Paterson Education Fund, an advocacy.

Grant welcomed Shafer’s plan to get all teachers and staff vaccinated.

Shafer will determine whether Paterson schools will re-open in May on April 14. She will make a recommendation to the Board of Education which will ultimately decide whether schools reopen.

Paterson schools have been remote since March 2020.

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  • HankMorgan

    I recommend Shafer get her shots. From Dr. Kevorkian.

    • Justice Forall

      Too funny! I’m still laughing.

  • Ta-Tanik York

    what about the school bus driver's that are and will be transporting your kids' to and from school ? When will anyone talk about that.

  • bigron

    Shafer should have told City of Paterson to vaccinate all teachers in one week. Get the schools opened by mid April. If they don't want vaccine non renew them.

    • TK Kirkland

      Screw the teachers. Most of them drive from suburbia after switching their wedding rings to zirconia before they hit the road lol Keep them on Zoom, keep the kids homeschooled, & save the taxpayer some dollars !

      • HankMorgan

        No. Paterson educators endure unbelievable pressures. They pour their hearts into their careers.
        Sadly, parents in the city struggle mightily to simply keep their children sheltered and fed. There is precious little time for them to homeschool their little ones. Not gonna happen. Attendance for online only classes indicate that a majority of students are not involved.
        It’s cruel and wrong to blame the teachers doing all they can to support their students as being the problem.
        After all, look at the district leadership.

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      Shafer will not stand up to the powers that be. Look how the Charter lobby shut her up when she spoke the truth about how they are the sole reason for the district's fiscal mess.