Paterson to get $63.7 million from Biden stimulus package | Paterson Times

Paterson to get $63.7 million from Biden stimulus package


Paterson is expected to receive $63.7 million from president Joe Biden’s stimulus measure that was signed into law on Thursday afternoon.

Funds from the massive $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan can be used to pay for Covid-19-related expenses, cover lost revenues tied to the pandemic to maintain critical services and avoid layoffs of essential workers, provide help to residents and small businesses affected by the virus, and invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure.

“This badly needed federal funding will not just keep the lights on at City Hall, it will also help our communities get more vaccines in people’s arms, keep our first responders, teachers and other essential workers on the job, maintain our infrastructure and critical services, help our small businesses stay afloat, and put us on a smoother path towards economic recovery after the pandemic,” said senator Bob Menendez.

New Jersey is receiving $10.189 billion in direct aid to states and local governments from the American Rescue Plan.

“The federal funding in this COVID relief package will help provide the relief that New Jerseyans desperately need,” said senator Cory Booker.

Here’s a breakdown of the amounts going to New Jersey’s five biggest cities:

  • Newark $182,647,351.50
  • Jersey City 145,818,453.10
  • Paterson 63,716,304.29
  • Elizabeth 39,781,026.43
  • Edison 14,807,529.41.

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  • HankMorgan

    “Keep the lights on in city hall”? The lights may be on but nobody’s home!

    • WakeUpPaterson

      They are too busy taking selfies with their 5 star jackets opening some lemonade stand somewhere.


    Mayor McCheese and the rest of the thieves are salivating waiting to steal as much of that as possible. Meanwhile the potholes are getting worse. Except in South Paterson of course…

    • HankMorgan

      Oh, yeah man. There’s plenty of cheese for all the little rats.

    • WakeUpPaterson

      South Paterson is actually an example of what the rest of Paterson can look like. Those who know the old South Paterson will know what I am talking about. Those people invest in their neighborhood. Drive through on a nice warm night. Its a real downtown. Redevelopment everywhere. Families walking around enjoying ice cream, going to restaurants, sitting outdoors and eating safely. I took a friend from out of town there for dinner. This person argued with me that its not Paterson thats Clifton. What a shame that people cant even believe that part is Paterson. They stick together and demand that their neighborhood gets what it needs from the RATS at City Hall. We the rest of Paterson need to do the same or VOTE THEM OUT>

      • Yogi Zuna

        Yes, for as long as I have been here (almost 50 years), people have always mistaken my ward for Clifton.

  • WakeUpPaterson

    63.7 Million. Don't worry Paterson Residents your lives will still be the same, your property taxes will still go up, sewer bills will go up, there will continue to be shootings every night, you will drive through craters every day.

  • Truth Serum

    Nice. Let's see how much of this money will actually be used to improve the lives of the residents of the city and how much goes into the pockets of the Mayor's political cronies and One Paterson supporters to make sure they continue to sink money into his campaign so he can get re-elected. Follow the money!

  • John

    You will see no difference other then our deficit going through the roof. How much more can America take.

  • carlos G

    Congrats to the corrupt NJ democratic party, they worked hard for this pay-off.

  • John

    Why do only Democrat (90% of the time) need the bail out money. Republican ran cities usually need none. Don't you idiots realize who manages better.