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Sayegh picks Aymen Aboushi to serve as Paterson’s chief attorney


Mayor Andre Sayegh appointed Aymen Aboushi to serve as the city’s corporation counsel on Friday afternoon.

Aboushi will begin working for the city on March 15.

“Aymen comes prepared to handle the challenges in Paterson, and I am optimistic that he has the skills and qualifications necessary to get the job done,” said Sayegh in a press release.

Aboushi specializes in commercial and employment law, according to Sayegh. He is a graduate of the Fordham Law School. He is a partner in the Aboushi Law Firm. His firm has sued Paterson in the past for police misconduct.

Previously, Aboushi served as a trial attorney for the United States Department of Justice, according to Sayegh.

Aymen is replacing former law director Farrah Irving, who resigned earlier in the month. Irving’s last day was today.

Sayegh has had three corporation counsels in less than three years.

Aboushi will have to be confirmed by the City Council at a later date.

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  • No Ethics

    How much did he give to "One Paterson?"

  • bigron

    It's so sad what this man is doing to Paterson.


      You probably voted for him lmfao

  • Truth Serum

    Did this guy really just pick someone to serve as Corporation Counsel with absolutely no municipal law experience? Does he know anything about OPRA, Public Contracting Laws, Open Public Meetings, resolutions, ordinances, public finance laws, local redevelopment law, operating under the Faulkner Act , Civil Service law or anything about what's contained in Title 40 or 40A, the administrative code, etc . related to municipal government? How in the world will he be able to properly advise the Mayor, the Council, the Administration or any other person for that matter if he has absolutely no experience in these areas of the law? He's a civil rights attorney with experience SUING the city and draining hundreds of thousands of dollars or possibly millions from the taxpayers and this Mayor thinks he's qualified to be the City's top lawyer? Another joke!


      It's not what ya know, it's who ya know

      • Truth Serum

        You got that right!


    Another political hack

  • Plumber

    Lining up the Muslim brotherhood