Paterson police arrest 21 people, seize 4,000 bags of heroin in drug sweep | Paterson Times

Paterson police arrest 21 people, seize 4,000 bags of heroin in drug sweep


The police arrested 21 people and seized 4,176 glassine envelopes of heroin during a drug sweep on Hamilton Avenue, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Michael Cavigliano, 27, of Ridgefield; Jesse James, 72, of Paterson; Douglas Billataro, 26, of Union; Joseph Ferrante, 26, of Paterson; David Leitner, 50, of Paterson; Xhonatan Gaba, 20, of Garfield; Dana Vergollo, 32, of Dumont; Angel Rabello, 23, of Pompton Lakes; Haytam Anoune, 26, of River Edge; Joseph Soto, 25, of Rahway; Robert Meo, 33, of Fair Lawn; Keith Frison, 49, of Paterson; Kevin Boyle, 34, of Paterson; Qadir McCrae, 26, of Paterson; Shamar Williams, 29, of Paterson; Haniff Williams, 22, of Paterson; Darrell Tann, 53, of Paterson; Isaiah Wharton, 24, of Paterson; Africa Downs, 45, of Paterson; Dante Harrison, 46, of Paterson; and Marecius Samuels, 33, of Paterson, were arrested on various drug offenses.

Cavigliano, James, Billataro, Ferrante, Gaba, Rabello, Anoune, Soto, Meo, Frison, and Boyle were each charged with drug possession offenses.

Leitner was charged with loitering to commit a drug offense.

Vergollo, McCrae, Shamar Williams, Haniff Williams, Tann, Wharton, Downs, Harrison, and Samuels were each charged with multiple drug possession and distribution offenses.

Police arrested them while investigating “rampant narcotics distribution” in the area of Hamilton Avenue between Summer and Lake streets after getting complaints from residents on Wednesday.

Police also seized 194 baggies of crack cocaine and $5,549 cash.

  • J. Brown.

    Good job! It's a start

  • HankMorgan

    That’s a big bust! And I don’t mean the lady in the cancer ad!

  • john craze

    One block from School 6 where children walk from and to school each day. These dealers are out there 24/7. The children have to walk around them to get by.
    The City of Paterson needs our PC Sheriff Officers on horseback and motorcycles patrolling this drug infested school zone instead of setting up speed traps on State highways and rural roads. Leave that to the N.J. State Police!


      I've never seen the Sheriffs on the highway. As for the horses, it's Paterson the streets will be covered in horseshit that will never get cleaned up.

      • billy wolf

        YOu are an ID!OT, Cletus..

      • Rupert Bodkins

        The streets are already covered in horseshit-they just arrested 21 of them! They're trying to clean it up. It can be done, just don't let them back out on bail-until they are all 90+ years old.

    • John

      Horseback? Your bugging

  • John

    Although this group torments and terrorizes this community this Liberal Socialist progressive Democrat party court system already set all of them free without even having to posted bail. What a slap in the face to all police and to the community.

  • Rupert Bodkins

    I drive past this city often along Route 80. Look around-there is all this beautiful Garret Mountain scenery, reasonably nice, clean working class towns all around-and then there is this festering cancer, somehow in the middle of all this-a known drug distribution hub on the East Coast-even comes up by me in Port Jervis on the train to distribute throughout NY State, PA and beyond. I give the police complete credit for trying to change this-as it will need a colossal effort to get this cancerous tumor removed from what could again be a thriving center for commerce, manufacturing, even tourism as there are historic areas-parts are coming back I see. what a great geographical location-just have to change its reputation for drugs and crime-a large task yes, but it is do-able and would be immensely worth it. Could be the jewel of Passaic County instead of the turd. Revitalizing all along the Passaic River is one spot I've seen, very nice!