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Paterson: City Council delays confirmation for two of Sayegh’s new cabinet members


Members of the City Council put off confirming two of mayor Andre Sayegh’s new cabinet members on Tuesday night.

Council members said they needed more time before considering the confirmation of law director Aymen Aboushi and finance director Javier Silva.

“We need a little more time he’s only been here for a month,” said councilwoman Maritza Davila speaking of Aboushi.

“I’m totally impressed by the gentleman,” said councilman Michael Jackson referring to Aboushi.

Davila said Aboushi has been “fair” and impartial with his legal opinions.

Council president Flavio Rivera said there are some outstanding finance related items that the finance director has to address before the City Council considers his confirmation.

Sayegh also wants the City Council to confirm Barbara Blake-McLennon as community development director.

Blake-McLennon is a holdover from former mayor Jose “Joey” Torres’ administration. She served under Sayegh’s administration for three years without confirmation.

“I think it’s a smack in the face,” said councilwoman Lilisa Mimms, speaking of the mayor’s delayed submission of Blake-McLennon’s name for confirmation.

Some wondered whether it was proper for the mayor to have an acting community development director for three years.

Under the city’s code, the mayor has to submit his directors for confirmation within 60 days.

“But that has never been the practice,” said Rivera. Indeed, mayors have seldom submitted names for confirmation within 60 days.

Council members will take a vote to confirm Blake-McLennon next Tuesday.

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