Man shot in stomach by Paterson police officer gets $450,000 settlement | Paterson Times

Man shot in stomach by Paterson police officer gets $450,000 settlement


A man shot in the stomach in front of his girlfriend and twin sons outside of the Frank X. Graves Public Safety Complex by a policewoman four years ago is getting $450,000 in settlement, according to public records.

Members of the City Council approved the settlement for Larry Bouie on Tuesday night.

Bouie was behaving erratically and shouting outside of 111 Broadway, the police headquarters, at about 5:50 p.m. on October 29th, 2016 when the on-duty policewoman fired on him. He was wounded in the stomach, according to police.

Bouie was not armed. He also did not have any objects that could have been mistaken for a weapon, says his lawsuit. His shooting sparked a small protest against police in downtown Paterson.

He underwent skin grafting, two life-saving surgeries, physical therapy, and will require additional treatment in the future, according to his lawsuit.

Council members discussed the case with the city’s attorney in a closed-door meeting before approving the settlement.

Funds to pay the settlement is coming from the city’s budget. Council vice president Lilisa Mimms said none of the settlement amount is being covered by excess loss insurance.

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  • TK Kirkland

    If only the guards at the White House had the same energy against the Proud Boys… lol

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      If they did, they wouldn't be around long

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        You statement of confusing within itself


      I'd prefer it if the FBI went after those murderous ANTIFA/BLM terrorists instead of the patriots who toured the Capitol.

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        I concur, It was just a unscheduled tour

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      They should have against the proud boys, K K K, BLM and all other racist groups. Look at the mirror

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  • WakeUpPaterson

    Look at this Paterson Residents. Coming out the budget means your tax money is paying for this. Every week the City has a settlement of some sort. No one is held accountable because there is free money in the bank from tax payers and when that money runs out you raise taxes on the property owners who have no say in how this money gets used.

    • Miss jamaica

      Thank you
      Government have no money they have tax payers money
      Please tell that to ms Minns.

  • J. Brown.

    Is the trigger-happy cop still on the job?

  • Chino Vargas

    "Man shot in the stomach by police gets $450,000 from Paterson tax payers" Now i fix the story.

  • John

    This new socialist liberal leftest progressive Democrat party promotes criminals.