Paterson takes aim at ‘reckless’ and ‘illegal’ dirt bikes in parks and roadways | Paterson Times

Paterson takes aim at ‘reckless’ and ‘illegal’ dirt bikes in parks and roadways


The police are taking aim at “reckless” and “illegal” dirt bikes that have proliferated in city streets and parks. Police seized two dirt bikes in separate incidents on Thursday, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Police seized a 2018 Suzuki DRZ dirt bike from 26-year-old Eric Crowe of Paterson. Crowe was allegedly operating the vehicle recklessly at Eastside Park at around 9:20 p.m.

Crowe did not have registration and insurance for the vehicle. He handed police a driver’s license that did not have a motorcycle endorsement. He was given summonses and his dirt bike was towed.

Police seized a 2004 Honda Sportrax 250EX dirt bike from 19-year-old Hans Perez Garcia of Paterson.

Garcia was operating the yellow four-wheel vehicle on 2nd Avenue and East 22nd Street at around 11 p.m. He drove the vehicle in front of a police vehicle.

Police were in the area after getting complaints from residents and businesses about dirt bikes terrorizing them.

Police officers turned on their sirens and tried to stop Garcia. He reversed the vehicle and began driving backwards away from the approaching officer.

The officer chased him on foot on 2nd Avenue. The vehicle came to a stop at 60 2nd Avenue and Garcia jumped from the vehicle and began running.

Garcia was arrested outside 53 23rd Street for eluding and resisting arrest. He was issued several motor vehicle summonses. His vehicle did not have registration or insurance. The vehicle was towed.

“The department will continue to follow the state guidelines and will use various tactics and technology to stop this dangerous conduct,” said Speziale. “The officers were calculated and calm in handling these situations.”

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