Garbage collection company getting hit with $20,000 penalty for missing route, says Paterson mayor | Paterson Times

Garbage collection company getting hit with $20,000 penalty for missing route, says Paterson mayor


A garbage collection company that has been under criticism over the past years is being hit with a $20,000 penalty for missing a garbage pick up route, according to mayor Andre Sayegh.

Fairfield-based Suburban Disposal, also known as Roselle, will lose $20,000, the mayor said on Tuesday night at a City Council meeting.

“We will penalize a company that is not fulfilling their obligations,” Sayegh said. He is also adding a sanitation inspector specifically to monitor and provide oversight over the garbage collection contract.

A message seeking comments from Suburban Disposal was not returned.

Suburban Disposal has a $4.35 million contract to handle garbage collection in Paterson.

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  • Martin Sahoury

    This same company, their driver(s) and crew(s) absolutely refuse (not all of them, but have had it happen at least a dozen times to me) to, on a one way street, to pull just a little bit to the side so cars can pass, but NO, stay in the middle, no passing room, ask a crew member if they can pull a bit more to the side, but verbal abuse and intimidation gets replied to me, so, I have to wait 10 – 15 minutes, as well as the cars behind me while they do this work, and could not care less about the inconvenience they cause!

  • Two eyes on Paterson

    Hey Reporter..I posted a reply 2 hours ago and now it disappeared..Please don’t tell me the Mayor controls your site

  • William

    why would any law abiding citizen live in Paterson? it is the most corrupt place in the area.

    • Yogi Zuna

      Unfortunately a lot of people are stuck here and have little choice.

  • John

    Do u ever see how Patersonians put there garbage out? In case you don't know or don't understand so many Patersonians put their garbage out like animals. I wouldn't take it either.

  • Chino Vargas

    Missing routes? shure they spend to much time loading the trucks with tons of garbage from contractors,mechanic shops for money,i see it myself so many times,but dont take a pizza box from dominoes and throw it in the sidewalk .but this is what your get Patersonians from the do nothing
    elected idiots in city hall and you love it!!