113-year-old Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce picks first Latino to lead organization | Paterson Times

113-year-old Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce picks first Latino to lead organization

Orlando Cruz, head of the downtown Paterson business district.

The Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce picked Orlando Cruz to serve as its president, making him the first Latino to serve as the head of the 113-year-old organization.

“I am honored to become the next President of the Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce,” said Cruz, who is the husband of school board member Oshin Castillo. “This is an especially important time to work side by side with our members to help guide them on a path to recovery. I look forward to moving the organization forward and working together to strengthen all businesses in our great city.”

Cruz is replacing Jamie Dykes, who held the title of president for the past 20 years.

“On behalf of my fellow board members and myself, we would like to thank and congratulate Jamie Dykes for his 20 years of service to the chamber and wish him the best of luck on the next phase of his life. To Orlando Cruz, we are thrilled to have found an individual who is deeply rooted in Paterson and is committed to working tirelessly on behalf of the business community to make Paterson the best possible location in which to do business,” said George Waitts, chairman of the Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce.

Waitts is also the CEO of Crown Roll Leaf.

Cruz previously served on the Board of Directors of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce, including a term as chairman of the board. He said he strengthened that organization through “dramatic membership growth.”

Cruz is also the manager for the Downtown Paterson Business District.

The Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce has more than 600 members. It has been representing the interest of the Paterson business community for 113 years.

  • J. Brown.

    Funny how he and his wife get new positions with bigger salaries of a sudden. Somebody's palms are being greased. Or somebody'sblnob is being polished

  • John

    I'm surprised Patersons black officials let a Hispanic get this job. Something sounds fishy here.

  • Two eyes on Paterson

    It’s called a Cinderella story for Cruz,He worked in the Shade Tree dept of DPW as a LAZY ASS waste of space under the formal supervisor Marshall,after Marshall retired and there was new supervision that actually put the guys to work instead of hang around at home all day then come back at 4pm to punchout CRUZ quit the Dpw and moved on…Present day he is the Top Dog of Comnerce..No wonder business is dead downtown..But the right palms were greased and he deserves to get that free money as per the rest of the top paying jobs that everyone gets..ITS CALLED,NOBODIES WATCHING THE STORE…Paterson should change its name to Paddington like west Paterson changed to Woodland park then maybe we might see a reversal of fortune