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Newark man arrested in Paterson in possession of handgun


A man from Newark was arrested in Paterson on Tuesday evening in possession of a loaded handgun and high capacity magazine, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Alexis DeLaRosa, 18-year-old, has been charged with weapons offenses.

Police observed DeLaRosa among a group of males on North 6th and Clinton streets at around 8:30 p.m. As they approached, DeLaRosa, wearing a fanny pack around his neck with a protruding handgun magazine, fled on foot.

Police chased behind him. He fled onto Jefferson Street and discarded the bag over the fence of 100 Jefferson Street. Handgun magazine fell out of the bag, police said. Police continued to chase him onto North 7th Street.

DeLaRosa crawled under a parked car to avoid police. He was ordered to get out from under the vehicle. He complied and was placed under arrest.

Police seized a High Point 9mm semi-automatic handgun and a high capacity magazine that contained 34 rounds.

  • J. Brown.

    Newark is sending it's Garbage to Paterson. As if we don't have enough
    Of our own.