Police seize stolen Glock handgun in Paterson traffic stop | Paterson Times

Police seize stolen Glock handgun in Paterson traffic stop


A man was arrested and a stolen Glock handgun was recovered in a traffic stop early Sunday morning, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Octavius Bolds, 35, of Paterson, has been charged with weapons offenses, eluding, receiving stolen property, and numerous motor vehicle summonses.

Bolds was allegedly driving recklessly in his Jeep Cherokee on Bridge and River streets at around 2 a.m. A computer check revealed the vehicle’s registration was expired leading to a traffic stop on Presidential Boulevard.

Police sergeant Anthony Castronova approached the vehicle and requested documents. Bolds became irate and sped off while the sergeant was standing at the driver’s side door. Castronova notified headquarters and pursued the vehicle.

Bolds was driving on Temple Street. He allegedly discarded a handgun and other objects from the vehicle on Temple Street between North 3rd and 4th streets. His vehicle was pulled over again on Temple and North 7th streets. Police took him into custody. Detectives John Traynor and Mustafa Dombayci assisted the sergeant.

Police recovered the Glock 9mm semi-automatic handgun Bolds allegedly discarded on Temple Street. The weapon was reported stolen out of South Carolina. A high capacity magazine was also recovered, police said.

The weapon is being sent to the State Police Ballistics Laboratory for analysis.

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