Authorities release video of Paterson man who died after police encounter | Paterson Times

Authorities release video of Paterson man who died after police encounter


The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office released bodycam footage on Wednesday of a Paterson man who died on Madison Avenue following an encounter with police.

Jose Gonzalez, 41, of Paterson, is seen in the bodycam footage struggling with himself, at time hitting himself.

Police try to calm him down and arrest him, but he puts up a struggle.

“Relax, relax,” one police officer is heard saying as they successfully handcuff Gonzalez. He becomes silent and motionless on the ground after he is handcuffed.

Gonzalez appears lifeless after he is put on the stretcher. “I lost his pulse,” an EMT is heard saying in the video.

EMTs are seen attempting CPR to revive the man.

The incident happened on October 2. Police responded to a 911 call at 620 Madison Avenue. A man was walking on roofs and trying to break into homes, police were told.

Police responded at around 5:26 p.m. They arrived with medical personnel and encountered the man. He appeared injured at the rear exterior of a residence, authorities said. Two police officers tried to render aid.

The man was agitated, and officers handcuffed him onto a stretcher. After being secured on the stretcher he was taken to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center. He was pronounced dead at 6:22 p.m.

Authorities said Gonzalez’s death remains under investigation by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office of Public Integrity and Accountability (OPIA).

See released video by clicking here.

  • HankMorgan

    So, uh, where’s the video?

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      at the very bottom it says click here but something weird is going on.see the comment I left.

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      link is last sentence


      In your crack

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    at the very bottom of the article it says click here to view video. it asks you to log in to a BOX acct.- no thank you. I don't need my email captured, sold or used to fill my inbox to capacity with junk ads. Can you post the video in a normal fashion? you should be able to copy the link etc in the source code and add to the end of article. save and it should be good to go.

  • John

    What ever happened to acting like a human being and not a vicious animal. Seems like every time someone dies is because the person acted like an animal. The media will destroy humanity.


      He was "butt naked" that's that dip yo!

  • John

    Video was removed to avoid showing how he acted as an animal and instead of cooperating got just what he deserved. Why is it that it's always ends up to be a low life?


      Come on man it's the drugs' fault!

  • Resident41

    The video is pretty disturbing to watch, apparently he took something that was eating him alive from the inside and he couldn’t control it. I couldn’t finish watching. It’s sad seeing another human being in distress like that. Cops did what they could though to try and prevent him from hurting himself.


      Memo to the kids: Leave the PCP alone!


    That's that wett yo!