Paterson police break up alleged Market Street after-hours joint where gang members were partying | Paterson Times

Paterson police break up alleged Market Street after-hours joint where gang members were partying


The police broke up an alleged after-hours joint early Friday morning where dozens of gang members were partying, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Police arrested the joint’s owner, Jesse Seegers, 41, of Paterson, on charges of maintaining a nuisance, allowing the consumption of alcohol, smoking in public, violating the hotspot law, operating without an entertainment license and no dance hall license, and playing loud music.

Seegers was running the alleged illegal night club out of the second floor of 320 Market Street. Police observed a person letting people inside at around 1:48 a.m. The suspect saw an unmarked police vehicle with city plates and ran upstairs.

Detectives walked inside the joint playing loud music. They were met by a cloud of smoke and strong marijuana and cigarette odor. As many as 75 people were inside. Police observed members of the street gang 4K Boys that deals in drugs and violence in the area.

Seegers told police he was the owner, and would shut down the party. Police said the crowd became uncooperative and refused to leave. Police learned about the presence of a gun at the location.

A 9mm handgun loaded with four bullets was recovered from under a table across from the disc jockey (DJ). The weapon was defaced and reported stolen out of Georgia, police said. No one was charged for the weapon.

  • Paterson Resident

    Charge them all for the gun.

  • Rupert Bodkins

    No-one was charged. I guess the gun got there by itself. if there were justice, this place would burn to the ground, and the rats would flee but unfortunately leech onto some other sh-hole. I pray for tough law and order every day-gang members/drug dealers locked up for around 20-30 years would be a good start, instead of giving them a pat on the back and sending them back out into civilization, where they don't belong.

  • Javi Chino Vargas

    LOL,,,Paterson the one and only

  • John

    Charge the person in charge of this party with gun possession. Don't let these people get over just because this behavior is expected in minority communities. Us minorities demand better. Reality is this white privilege is BS, minorities get over with crimes Whites would never get over in white communities. This is a disservice to us minorities.

  • Ablej

    So much corrtion in this world. These drug dealers, the child rapists in Hollywood and in politics, the Wallstreet crooks. Let's throw them all in jail.