Three Paterson men ran extortion scheme targeting their moving company customers | Paterson Times

Three Paterson men ran extortion scheme targeting their moving company customers


Three men have been arrested for allegedly running an extortion scheme that targeted customers of their moving company, according to authorities.

Abdal Abuawad, 26; Abdalh Abuawad, 28; Yousef AlMallad, 31, all of Paterson, have been charged with conspiring to commit wire fraud.

Abdal and Abdalh are brothers from Jordan. They created Abda Moving LLC, d/b/a 11Even Movers & Storage (11Even) to further their scheme. They employed AlMallad as a manager. Customers hired 11Even through a household goods broker to handle moving and relocations.

Abdal and AlMallad would then arrive at the customers’ home to move their household goods. They would load all a customer’s goods onto a truck and then drastically increase price of the move by two or three times the quoted estimate, authorities said. They then demanded the customer pay 50 percent in cash on the spot.

11Even regularly failed to deliver customers’ household goods for months, authorities said. Customers that called 11Even to complain about the price increase and failed deliveries would find themselves speaking to Abdalh, AlMallad, or other co-conspirators on the calls. Customers were told their complaint is being looked into, but they rarely got a returned phone call. 11Even would not respond to subsequent calls or texts, authorities said.

Abdal was arrested in New Mexico on December 13. His brother Abdalh and his manager AlMallad were arrested on December 10.

The trio could face 20 years in prison and fines up to $250,000.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    worst type of scum but unfortunately all too common and typical of moving companies. After they serve their sentence they better get deported and maybe tell the GID they're coming , and their "links" to Al Zahwari and their desire to topple King Abdullah

  • John

    Sentence them to 20nyears in solitary confinement with no Koran and then deport them. Send the message that Americans are not stupid

  • Dave Tindall

    I own a moving company. I went to a house yesterday. The customer had an estimate $2000 lower than mine. She let me review it. They wanted a 50% deposit. Folk this is a scam. We do not take a deposit on interstate moves, we take a signed contract. If it seems to good to be true it is. I think she will book with me, but it is her money. The other issue was I was the only one to come to her house. My company is in Richmond. I am not at an unknown place. Buyer beware.

    • Goombah

      Some do a lower % deposit with a binding estimate which means they cant raise or lower the price. same can't be said about local moves which is by the hour in most cases.

  • Dawn Marie

    I was one of their victims. I did NOT hire them!! I hired US Standard Moving & Storage who subcontracted out to 11 even without my knowledge. Out thousands of dollars and still do not have our belongings! USS&M will not answer our calls! I believe they should also be investigated.

    • Goombah

      Did you sign an "Order For Service" which should have specified the latest that your shipment would be delivered? Also here is their DOT number 3559424 so you can report it to DOT. And how did you pay? If by card, do a chargeback with your bank. If by cash, you're SOL. Also make a police report