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Paterson adds a third member to mayor’s ‘Innovation Team’


Mayor Andre Sayegh’s “Innovation Team” added a new member on Monday afternoon.

Ishiya A. Hayes was hired as director of policy and planning. She joins Edward Boze, chief innovation officer, and Harsha Mallajosyula, chief data officer. All three positions are paid $100,000 each and funded by a grant from the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation.

“We are grateful for Ishiya’s presence in the Mayor’s Office, as we look forward to the application of both her innovative ideas and practical experience. We’ve successfully utilized data-driven approaches in addressing our most pressing matters, such as public safety, economic development, and the pandemic. While we are proud of our strong track record, with Ishiya’s help, we look forward to even greater services for the residents of Paterson,” said Sayegh.

Hayes has a large portfolio of issues — economic and community impacts caused by the pandemic, bail reform, prioritizing equity and minority participation in municipal procurement, small business support, climate change and flood mitigation – that Sayegh would like her to work on.

“I am excited to serve the City of Paterson and to work with Mayor Sayegh to execute his vision for the future of the city and its residents,” said Hayes. “I realize the importance of partnerships with institutions of higher education to provide assistance to communities and I am grateful to the Administration, Passaic County Community College, and The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation for entrusting me with this opportunity.”

Hayes previously worked as the associate director/senior policy analyst of the Urban Mayors Policy Center at the John S. Watson Institute for Urban Policy and Research at Kean University. She planned meetings, conference and provided technical assistance, analyzed issues, and created policy recommendations for strategies to improve the quality of life in urban centers.

Hayes has a master’s in public service leadership that focused on public health and public policy from Thomas Edison State University and a bachelor’s in English and Africana studies from Rutgers University.

“Passaic County Community College is excited to expand our partnership with the City of Paterson and the Taub Foundation to bring a Director of Policy and Planning to the City,” said Steven Rose, president of the Passaic County Community College. “Ishiya A. Hayes is an outstanding candidate for this position, and I know she will serve Paterson with distinction.”

Passaic County Community College received a three-year grant worth $750,000 from the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation for the effort. Grant runs out on June 30, but officials expect it to be renewed.

Boze, Mallajosyula, and Hayes were hired by the Passaic County Community College using grant funds, but they work out of City Hall.

Steven Taub, president of the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation, said Hayes will provide support as Paterson makes “important policy decisions” on using federal funds. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a financial blessing for Paterson because it received tens of millions of dollars through the Cares Act and then the American Rescue Act.

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  • MarquinhoGaucho

    at least it isnt coming out of taxpayer $


    All Affirmative Action beneficiary hacks. And best believe Mayor McCheese is getting his cut lol Paterson sucks

  • Javi Chino Vargas

    Another one joining the do nothing for Patersonians at the city Circus

  • HankMorgan

    She actually “planned meetings.” Very impressive!

  • alonzo scripps

    Ahhh the readers and citizens recognize those political decisions knowing full well that the salary plus the unwritten benefit package just gets bigger.
    I have an idea that would help us understand why the appointment train just keeps adding high paying positions. It would help us understand if Ms. Hayes furnished a monthly report to the Paterson Times illustrating her credentials and expierience develop her Climate change for Paterson, identify the Equity benefits to residents, furnish flood mitigation corrections or mitigation Plans.
    Somehow her academic credentials do not include any Engineering disciplines
    A recent hiring example is the hiring of the Payroll Supervisor but within several weeks the Payroll department were transferred to another City Hall group, but not the Payroll Supervisor?. The Payroll Supervisor was hired while still obtaining the credentials that was required for posted for the positon. The "appointee bonus" a higher salary to the Payroll Supervisor position, while not possessing the qualifications but moved to another job that was not publshed!
    As usual Council sleeps through the high dollar "appointments", meanwhile the readers continue too notice and call out specific issues and problems overlooked by McCheese and Council cronies.

    • Virginia Wright

      "All three positions are paid $100,000 each and funded by a grant from the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation" This will leave more municipal funds for new made-up positions.

      • alonzo scripps

        Good afternoon Ms Wright, appreciate your insight from my comments.
        I do not beleive that I challenged the salaries provided by the Taub Foundation. Conversely, I did challenge the credentials for the identified metrics of Ms. Hayes job description. Climate Change has scientific challenges, examples being Mathematics, Electrical, Mechanical application formulaes are validated theories, every time they are applied results are perfectly accurate. Flood mitigation and correction is a Civil Engineering speciality, and Equity disbursals will be determined by the Court system.
        I do not beleive that funding offsets for three more Administration may be better served by Outsourcing Engineering Contracts having legal avenues if those problems remain or faulty.
        Thank you responding, Fonz

  • RadFAAD

    Maybe its time to start focusing on your DEI policies and hire some old, crabby but meticulous Dutchmen or maybe a well-connected, corrupt but unflappable Italian to start digging this city out of the grave. You're just wasting tax payer money on 'feel-good' personnel at this point….and doing it over and over and over again.

  • RadFAAD

    "Dick Suckin Andre". Nice. +1

  • John

    So For 2020 and 2021 Paterson broke the record on the highest recorded shootings ever. And yet there is no uprising against this Mayor. How stupid are Patersonians

  • LeSabre

    Recently retired from Paterson as a Librarian with a Masters, and made nowhere near $85,000. Not even close.