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Paterson teen killed in Godwin Avenue shooting


A city teen was killed in a shooting on Godwin Avenue on Wednesday evening, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Robert Cuadra, 18, was found lying on the sidewalk in front of 130 Godwin Avenue at around 6:30 p.m.

Cuadra was taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for treatment. He was later pronounced dead.

Cuadra is the second person killed in Paterson in 2022.

Police continue to investigate the incident. Anyone with information is asked to call the Paterson Police Detective Bureau at 973-321-1120.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    uno menos

    • saint

      This teen was not doing anything gang related at the time of his death so what was the point of this insanely insensitive comment. Hope you're next, you worthless piece of nothing.

      • MarquinhoGaucho

        My apologies, he was helping his grandmother with groceries and he was struck by a stray . The article should have mentioned that. My condolences to the family

  • saint

    Maybe let's start including more information/updating these articles so that idiotic people like "MarquinhoGaucho" don't come to false conclusions and then go around making insensitive comments on here. Also, did we not receive 3.7 mill to hire more police officers?? If we already know (at least I hope we do) that Godwin ave is a HIGH CRIME AREA, why aren't we working on fixing that?

    • Javi Chino Vargas

      The police and the city officials know about the problem, but they don't act only talk,the mayor is one that he only care about be on the spotlights like the news and you tube videos,in my 33 yrs living in Paterson never see such incompetente administration, but Patersonians love this lifestyle of crime and will vote for the same people over and over or prove me wrong