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Ex-Paterson councilman Julio Tavarez cited again for renting another alleged illegal dwelling

Julio Tavarez, the 5th Ward councilman.

Former councilman Julio Tavarez has been cited again for renting another alleged illegal dwelling.

Tavarez was issued a violation on January 12 for renting an “illegal basement” studio apartment at 24 Jane Street.

Tax records show Tavarez purchased the property in 2020. The violation notice states the basement was an “illegal conversion.” He has until February 12 to correct the violation.

Tavarez was previously cited on December 28, 2021, for renting an alleged illegal dwelling at 227 16th Avenue. He allegedly converted the basement into a dwelling without obtaining plumbing, electrical, and building permits.

Tavarez did not respond to a call for comment for this story.

Tavarez will have to answer for both violations at the Paterson Municipal Court. He could be on the hook to cover both tenants’ relocation expenses.

Tavarez has been trying to remove the tenant from the 16th Avenue property by offering her relocation assistance to rectify the city violation.

Tavarez served as a councilman for two terms. He became the first Dominican American to be the president of the City Council. He was also censured by his colleagues with a vote of no confidence for making alleged divisive remarks in a Spanish radio broadcast. He filed a defamation suit over the no confidence measure that was later dismissed.

Tavarez was a close ally and friend of mayor Andre Sayegh.

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  • J. Brown.

    I'm surprised the POS Mayor didn't give him a cabinet post in his administration.
    He's a POS just like him!

    • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

      I will never forget.He was having some kind of Dominican event at our American city hall,on American soil, speaking in Spanish and said "If you don't speak Spanish you can leave" the video is probably still on you tube.


        Because these America hating scumbags know that our Communist overlords will protect them. Don't blame me I voted for Trump.


    Why are most Dominicans such lowlife criminals? They literally steal clothes out of Good Will bins lol that's pretty low.

  • John

    Go against this Mayor or florio and you will be targeted.