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Accused shooter in Paterson murder ordered detained in jail


An accused shooter in an alleged coordinated attack in a Paterson street corner that claimed the life of a Newark man has been ordered detained in jail.

Mick Cadet, 20, of Paterson, was ordered detained in the Passaic County Jail last Wednesday. He is the seventh person arrested in the May 1, 2021 murder of 21-year-old Jose Figueroa of Newark at the intersection of Totowa and Redwood avenues in Paterson.

Cadet is one of the five alleged shooters, according to authorities. He has been charged with murder and weapons offenses.

“There’s no evidence my client was in possession of a weapon,” said public defender Scott Finkenauer during the court hearing. “All they have is that my client was present.”

“There is evidence,” said senior Passaic County assistant prosecutor Jorge Morales. He said there are video recordings that show Cadet was driven to the area and dropped him off on Sherman Avenue.

Cadet and Ismael Leon, 19, of Paterson, were dropped off in the area by Chelsee Ramirez, 19, of Paterson.

Leon and Ramirez both were arrested and charged with murder.

Morales played a video that, he said, showed Cadet and Leon getting out of Ramirez’s white Kia. They then walk from Sherman Avenue, via Henry Street, to Albion Avenue. Both are observed on the steps of a house on Albion Avenue near Totowa Avenue.

In corner of Redwood and Totowa avenues, a memorial was held for a murder victim. Three shooters from Redwood Avenue start shooting at the crowd. As people run from gunfire, Leon and Cadet start shooting at them on Albion and Totowa avenues.

Police were monitoring the memorial in the area. Text messages were exchanged between Ramirez and other suspects about police in the area and how to distract them.

Cadet and others are members of the 52 Hoover Crips. They were in the area because Figueroa allegedly injured one of their fellow gang members, said the prosecutor. In September 2020, a member of the gang was injured in a shooting. This shooting was retaliation for that shooting, said Morales.

Prior to the shooting, the gang members gathered and planned out the incident.

Morales argued Cadet and others could intimidate witnesses and represent a danger to the community. Cadet is unlikely to appear for court dates.

Finkenauer said police did not bother to arrest Cadet, so he was not on the run.

Morales said when police tried to arrest Cadet he tried to run and assaulted an officer.

“This has been going on since May and here we are in February. There was no flight,” said Passaic County judge Scott Rumana.

Cadet appeared in the jail booth in pink dreadlocks. He was yawning and looking about in the jail booth throughout the proceeding.

Rumana ordered Cadet detained in jail until the charges against him are resolved.

Morales revealed police are looking for an eighth suspect in the case who remains at large.