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Paterson man charged in Market Street gunfight that wounded two people


A city man has been charged for his alleged role in a 2020 Market Street gunfight that left two people wounded.

Leon Pooler, 23, has been charged with attempted murder and weapons offenses. It’s not clear when he was arrested, but he has been held at the Passaic County Jail since last Monday, according to public records.

On November 29, 2020, Pooler was on Market and Madison streets with a handgun. He later fired the handgun at another person.

Pooler shot the alleged victim in the shoulder, and the victim pulled out his own weapon and fired at him.

A surveillance video played in court showed the alleged victim walking on the sidewalk while a group of women and men were coming out of an establishment. Pooler walks out behind the group, wearing a black and white jacket.

Pooler finds himself being confronted and pushed towards the wall by the alleged victim. The women intervene to break up the two men. The alleged victim walks away and is crossing the roadway when Pooler runs behind him and shoots him.

Pooler is then seen running away from the scene as the victim chases him. The alleged victim then returns to the sidewalk in front of the establishment, where some sort of an event was being held, tosses his handgun and lies down suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

Police in 2020 said a woman was also wounded in the incident. She suffered a laceration to her right ankle after a gunshot ricochet and struck her.

“Facts of the case are very, very disturbing,” said Passaic County assistant prosecutor Stephanie Faloyin as she argued to keep Pooler in jail until the case is resolved.

Pooler has two previous drug convictions, she noted.

Public defender James Sheehan said his client has never fled in arguing for his release from jail. Pooler remained at the same address. He has also been employed over the past year.

“Mr. Pooler has not gone anywhere,” said Sheehan. “It’s the same address police allegedly drove by and were aware of in December 2020. Nothing happened.” Police arrested Pooler last week at his place of work in front of all of his co-workers, the public defender said.

Sheehan said his client will continue to work and there’s no risk of him fleeing.

Pooler has three children. Sheehan said the mother of one of the child was killed three months ago when she was struck by a stray bullet, leaving Pooler to take care of the child.

“He’s a very involved father,” said Sheehan. “He’s been a model citizen for the past 15 months.”

Pooler remains detained at the Passaic County Jail.

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