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1 dead, 6 injured in downtown Paterson collision


One person died and six others were injured when a driver hit a police vehicle and then struck pedestrians in downtown Paterson on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Authorities said the operator of a Honda CRV struck an occupied police vehicle that was on the side of the road at around 3:15 p.m. Then the driver collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Main and Market streets.

The driver then struck several pedestrians, authorities said.

Police said the Honda CRV came to stop when it hit a light pole outside 227 Main Street. Vehicle hit the pole head on and became disabled, authorities said.

Authorities did not release the name of the person who died at the scene. The other victims were taken to Saint Joseph’s University Medical Center for treatment.

  • SamiAm

    There not telling the whole story

    • Paterson Resident

      What's the whole story?

      • Randomi Randomi

        The fact that he was being chased by police when he hit those people. That area, at that time is way too busy for police to be aggressively pursuing someone.

        • aLdo

          Yup but they loosed the laws since may 1 because of hight auto thefts smh. So i guess a vehicle is more important than a life

        • Lucinda Purr

          I was in Paterson when this happened like 3 blocks away. Crime is happening everywhere but the media is owned by a few companies so we should complain about that narrative they do media blackouts on certain things if they told us everything we would not want to leave the house. Me and my fam were crossing yesterday with our groceries when we saw people disperse but we just stayed on our side of the side walk. The police noice was horrible my mother had a hard time dealing with the commotions she is disabled so we were walking slow it kills me that my mother could have ended up under that car with us. Like 3 blocks I felt something was odd but I just paid no mind you are taught to be desensitized to all the B's that is happening in the world now regardless about politics. It is about where the money flows from and cops get more if they catch more criminals if we stop turning law into a game of who catches the most and a quota by the end of the month they would have taken the car plates and run it for prints and not have to give chase during a busy time in Main Street and market ffs that's like super populated. This dude didn't willingly plan from months at advance at least from what news has said to run over people or have a manifesto so ya comparing it to the whole "if he were white" are just a bunch are racist that are mad because we now call White supremacy out and our society is not trying to coddle the manifesto writing killers who held racist views this dude was an opportunistic sh…t head who wanted to get away from the cops and didn't have humanity to just stop instead bc he is a horrible guy who might or might not be a career criminal bc we are missing that piece of into was heartless and run over people. He should go to a mental institution and then from there to jail for life. He got lucky to be taken alive most cops here would have killed him. But now we aren't calling the kids like the Columbine two "troubled, quiet smart boys who barely talked much and had no friends ". We are calling them for their hateful ideology which is to divide people into races. The only race is the human race, period! We need to clean the cities yes. Get rid of corrupt and people that cannot get their jobs done and protect the people. Regardless of party politics, personally to me both republicans and Democrats want the same thing. Money from the people while they accept money from corporations and special interest and therefore they will push an agenda of ducking your head down that they got your back and they will help you but it gets lost in the paperwork and if they say it they just push the paper in the pile and they delete it. If someone steals from them they got more they don't care it is the average worker that needs to worry. All politicians are crocks! The people are the ones that need decide what they want and if they don't want crime then protest! Ask for a cleaner city and tell them you won't pay any taxes until it is clean if you get a lot of people to do it what are they going to do put all of you in jail? That would cost too much but because people are sms docile and don't organize and form their own groups that go into the city and basically have their own neighborhood watch and protect one another and kick out people who are just doing crimes while they are doing them and recording. Police can't do everything they aren't God. We need to protect ourselves regardless of color and nationality. Stop with the divisions !

      • aLdo

        He was a minor and the vehicle was stolen, they chased him from newark to paterson, where he struck the police vehicle then hit another vehicle , and then bailed out while vehicle was in motion so it hide a few perdestrians killing one person, his head got pinned under the front wheel.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    They are not telling the whole story. Was the driver arrested? Name? THis is why I'd rather go to downtown PAssaic , lot safer, cleaner.

    • John

      All Democrat cities are the same garbage

      • MarquinhoGaucho

        once the GOP coup de etat happens and president for life Drumpf takes office Im sure he'll have a solution for the urban masses…a final one

    • aLdo

      He was a minor and the vehicle was stolen, they chased him from newark to paterson, where he struck the police vehicle then hit another vehicle , and then bailed out while vehicle was in motion so it hide a few perdestrians killing one person, his head got pinned under the front wheel.

      • Kathy Tomlin

        i know him,he is 31 years old.he is from orlando

      • MarquinhoGaucho

        he wasnt a minor

  • Resident41

    There’s a lot that goes on in Paterson that doesn’t make it to the mainstream media and that people never hear about. Yesterday I was reading in the newspaper that the Mayor or fair lawn asked the Mayor of Paterson for help with the loud Music coming from Paterson and the mayor here had the balls to tell him no one in Paterson has complained about Noise late at night. He musk live somewhere else other than in the city I guess.

  • John

    What is the name of the murderer? What race is the murderer? I guess he's not white, if murderer was white he would be a white Supremist. Call it for what it is.

  • John

    This will probably be deleted like it just was. All Democrat cities are disgusting, infested.

  • Vindicated

    Was the woman decapitated?

    • aLdo


  • aLdo

    Your story sucks and its out of context