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Seven people running for Paterson school board election


Seven people will be vying for three up-for-grabs Board of Education seats in November, according to papers filed with the Passaic County Clerk’s Office.

Candidates running for school board are:

  • Akkheem L. Dunham
  • Corey L. Teague
  • Della McCall
  • Vincent Arrington
  • Valerie Freeman
  • Emanuel Capers
  • Eddie Gonzalez.

Teague, Capers, and Arrington are incumbents.

School board election is on November 8.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    None of them care about education. They are all in the charter lobby's pocket. Their goal : the complete privatization of PPS. They create a failing dysfunctional system. Parents get angry. They offer charters as a solution. Look at the lack of contract for the teachers, hundreds leaving in droves. None to take their place because of the paltry offers when they can make 10K more in another district easily. These candidates have not supported the teachers and students. All they care about is enabling the Wall street backed charters line their pockets while they get their kickbacks. Neighborhood schools close, charters expand. Look at the result, monumental tax increases by nearly 50% in 5 years, expect more in the future as charters bilk and defraud taxpayers with padded bills.. Where is the money? Manny Martinez'es sexual harassment victims…Charters…The legal department's contract was doubled, the political hack admins got their contract. Yet the frontline teachers who put their lives on the line for your kids get bupkis. Pathetic.