Three Paterson men arrested on drug charges, says sheriff | Paterson Times

Three Paterson men arrested on drug charges, says sheriff


Three men were arrested on drug charges on Madison Street in Paterson, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Rajaheem Alston, 26; Nahdir Gonzalez, 29; and Tyheem Reese, 30, all of Paterson, were charged with numerous drug offenses on Wednesday.

Detectives observed Gonzalez, who was sporting a blonde ponytail, black shirt and jeans, repeatedly entering and exiting a white Nissan Altima on Essex and Madison streets. He was observed walking up to Alston and Reese to conduct an alleged drug sale.

Gonzalez was pulled over outside 72 Madison Street. He had a bundle of heroin in his back left pocket. His vehicle yielded a brick of heroin stamped “Bases Loaded” in red ink.

Separately, Alston and Reese were arrested and searched.

Alston allegedly had 15 baggies of crack cocaine while Reese had 11 Ecstasy pills, 4 bundles of heroin stamped “Bases Loaded,” suggesting he purchased them from Gonzalez, and 8 vials of crack cocaine.

  • HankMorgan

    This huge bust will put a fatal blow on drug sales in the city! Good work, PPD!

    • larry clark

      yea right. lol. Paterson is infested with this stuff bro. The cops cant catch up and never will . Paterson is so over populated its so sad. smh

    • Robert Maldonardi

      Yep. This is like removing one rat or one cockroach from an infested building. The police go for the unimportant players because the important players have more and bigger guns than the police, so the police stay away from them. The police know all the homes by Rosa Parks and MLK avenues. All the addicts walk up these avenues and right into the homes to buy their heroin and crack. The police do not want to die so they stay away from these places and go for the little guy. I am not blaming the police, they simply do not have the strength to take down the big guys. It is like this wherever there are drugs. Still, good police work. We do what we can.