Paterson, Passaic City men arrested in West Railway Avenue shooting | Paterson Times

Paterson, Passaic City men arrested in West Railway Avenue shooting


Two men were arrested in connection with a shooting that occurred on West Railway Avenue, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Carlos Batista, 27, of Passaic City, and, Michael Jaikaran, 27, of Paterson, were each charged with four counts of attempted murder, five counts of robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, unlawful possession of a handgun, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, and certain persons not to have a weapon.

Jaikaran was additionally charged with unlawful possession of a handgun.

Authorities said the charges against both men spring from an August 25 incident at West Railway Avenue and Goshen Street.

Three men, including Batista and Jaikaran, allegedly approached four men on the street at around 11:49 p.m. All three suspects were believed to be harmed with handguns.

The four individuals began to run from the suspects. The suspects fired shots at their direction, authorities said. The three suspects then dragged another person out of his vehicle and took his wallet and cellphone at gunpoint.

Authorities said five people flagged down a Paterson Police car in the area and related what had occurred. Police identified Batista and Jaikaran as the alleged actors after an investigation. They have yet to arrest the third suspect.

Batista and Jaikaran could face decades in prison if convicted. Prosecutors will file motion to keep them in jail until the case is resolved.

  • November is coming

    "facing decades "they said,,the lie of the century

    • Yogi Zuna

      Would you settle for the lie of the decade?

  • Resident41

    These 2 idiots will learn the hard way that it’s better to flip burgers at McDonald’s than flipping burgers in jail.

    • Yogi Zuna

      A lot of them never learn.

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      Better to flip burgers at McDonalds than toss salad in prison