Paterson police seize $26,000 cash, more than 2 pounds of cocaine, and 6 guns in Grand Street raid | Paterson Times

Paterson police seize $26,000 cash, more than 2 pounds of cocaine, and 6 guns in Grand Street raid


The police arrested two men and a woman in a large drug bust at an apartment on Grand Street on Tuesday, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Police arrested Jonathan Leon, Ciera Toodle-Reed, and Christopher Vazquez during the raid at 115 Grand Street. Police said 106 criminal charges for weapons and drugs were filed against the trio.

Leon was the primary target of the investigation. He was allegedly using 115 Grand Street, in a quiet residential street few blocks from International High School, as a drug distribution and manufacturing facility.

Vazquez was identified as another dealer that was working in concert with Leon. Police observed him exit the location and enter a vehicle. He was pulled over and found with drugs, police said. He was arrested and police got a warrant to raid 115 Grand Street.

Leon and Toodle-Reed were found inside the location during the raid. Police seized 2.6 pounds of powder cocaine, 6 bags of powder cocaine (additional), 34 bags or 4 pounds of edible THC, 127 bags or 46 pounds of illegal marijuana; they also seized a Beretta 40 handgun, Altor Corp 9mm handgun, Mossberg 500 sawed off shotgun, Mossberg model 88 shotgun, Century International Arms 7.62 rifle, and Norinco SKS 7.62 rifle defaced firearms.

Police also seized 4 high-capacity magazines amounting to more than 30 rounds, 56 shotgun rounds, 367 handgun rounds, and 256 rifle rounds.

Police recovered items that are commonly used to package multiple types of drugs. They believe the location was used to as a drug manufacturing facility.

In all, police confiscated $26,463 cash.

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    How much did the cops keep as a finders fee?.

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