Paterson adds 15 new police officers | Paterson Times

Paterson adds 15 new police officers


Fifteen new police officers finished their training and joined the Paterson police force this week.

Officials said the new officers come from diverse backgrounds. 10 are Hispanic, 3 Black, 1 Bengali, and 1 Arab, representing the different groups that make up the population of Paterson.

“The law enforcement profession continues to evolve, and these newest members of PPD represent that evolution toward a police department that serves the community in a constitutionally focused and customer service-oriented manner,” said state-appointed police chief or officer-in-charge Isa Abbassi.

Ten of the officers are fluent in Spanish, 1 in Bengali, and 1 in Arabic, three languages that are widely spoken in Paterson, allowing them to better communicate with residents.

The new officers finished their 23-week comprehensive training at the Bergen County Police Academy. Training covered criminal law, motor vehicle law, first responder instruction like CPR and first aid, opioid reversal training, use of force, incidents of domestic violence, working with individuals with special needs, firearm proficiency, physical fitness, and officer resiliency. Each also completed an Integrating Communications Assessment and Tactics (ICAT) course that provides officers with the tools, skills, and options they need to successfully and safely defuse a range of critical incidents with limited use of force.

Abbassi joined them at a graduation ceremony at the Felician University campus in Lodi.

The new officers will continue their training alongside senior officers on the job. As part of their first assignment, they will walk a beat and meet with members of the community and business owners. This will help them get to know the people they will protect and serve, and improve relationships between the police department and the community.

Another 28 Paterson police recruits are currently undergoing training at the Robert A. Lyons Police Academy in Passaic County as the understaffed department tries to build its ranks under.