Paterson police seize $115,000 worth of drugs in Chadwick Street bust | Paterson Times

Paterson police seize $115,000 worth of drugs in Chadwick Street bust


A man has been arrested and charged with drug offenses for allegedly having $115,000 worth of drugs.

Niair Lane was charged with five drug offenses after being arrested on June 7. Detectives were conducting a surveillance operation of a residence on Chadwick Street.

Police said he had 100 Oxycodone pills that originated from the residence on Chadwick Street. During the search, authorities discovered a significant quantity of illicit substances at the Chadwick Street residence. The items seized included over 5,500 Oxycodone pills, one 30-gram bag of cocaine, five bags of marijuana, six bags of marijuana concentrate weighing nearly 24 ounces, and one ecstasy pill.

“This is an example of great police work that has been done by the Paterson Police Department and will continue to be done by our officers,” said Isa Abbassi, state-appointed officer in charge of Paterson police. “I want to thank these detectives and their supervisors for conducting a successful operation and arresting this individual without incident.”

Street value of the drugs seized is estimated to be over $115,000.