Detectives raid Paterson dealer’s home after drug sale, says sheriff | Paterson Times

Detectives raid Paterson dealer’s home after drug sale, says sheriff


An accused drug dealer was arrested after a drug sale and his home on Linwood Avenue was raided on Thursday, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

The accused dealer, Johnny Robles-Rodriguez, 32, and the buyer, Christopher J. Dibella Jr., 24, both of Paterson, were arrested on drug charges.

Robles-Rodriguez was charged with seven drug offenses. Dibella was charged with drug possession.

Detectives observed Robles-Rodriguez exit his residence at 281 Linwood Avenue, enter a white Lexus, and travel to Sherwood and Crosby avenues. There, he allegedly sold cocaine to Dibella, driver of a gray Jeep.

Both men went their separate ways after the drug sale. Detectives conducted simultaneous motor vehicle stops.

Dibella has two small bags containing cocaine. Robles-Rodriguez had 12 small bags containing cocaine and $775 cash. Both were placed under arrest, authorities said

Detectives obtained a search warrant and raided Robles-Rodriguez home at 281 Linwood Avenue. Search of the first floor and basement yielded three ounces of pure cocaine, drug paraphernalia, and $485 in cash.

Drug seized has a street value of $3,000.

Robles-Rodriguez is being held at the Passaic County Jail while Dibella was charged and released.