Paterson charter school aide arrested for sending sexually explicit image to student | Paterson Times

Paterson charter school aide arrested for sending sexually explicit image to student


A charter school teacher’s aide and soccer coach has been arrested for allegedly sending a student sexually explicit picture.

Favio Martell, age not released, of Garfield, has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. He was arrested on Wednesday.

Martell, who works at the Paterson Arts & Sciences Charter School as a teacher’s aide and soccer coach, sent the image to the 14-year-old student, who attends the school, last Friday.

Martell faces 3-5 years in state prison if convicted. He appeared before a judge on Thursday and was released on monitoring and condition that he not make contact with any minors.

  • braylin

    thats my teachers aid also one other thing he did was when me and him were walking to the social worker's office we passed through a 4th grade girl and he said "GYATT" and whispered it and i was like yoooo also the girl that he sent the picture to was my best friends cousin

    • Alexander Rodriguez

      Great he has another charge I guess.

      • Abigale prestion

        Another mind sharing what the first was was or where I’m taking any imformation I could find?!!

  • Alexander Rodriguez

    I knew Mr Martell he was the 7th grade aide and he was chill but now that I know about this I have to say that he should be punished because what he did was wrong. Prayers to the Victim and her family.

    • Abigale prestion

      You know him have you even realized some other weird activity like maybe som

  • J. Brown.

    Any relation to the Perv. Manny Martinez?
    They use the Paterson public schools as their sexual hunting grounds

  • Resident41

    Why on earth would you share or have a student phone number? Only way I would speak to a minor out of the school is if there’s a parent present or maybe if there’s a camera with a mic on. Sorry but a miss understanding could ruin your life forever and that always should be in the back of your head. Anytime you’re dealing with kids you have to be extremely careful.

  • Mike Corleone

    What about Stephanie Carafa? The Lodi mayor's daughter.
    They're probably burying her case under the rug since she's the mayor's daughter. Race might also play a part. It usually does in the court system, sorry to say. What they'll do is continue to let time go by, and slap her on the wrist and give the kid's parents a healthy sum of money and keep everything hush hush.