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No charges against Paterson detective in killing of man holding replica gun


After deliberations, a state grand jury has determined that no criminal charges will be filed in the case of Hui Zhang, 33, of Pensacola, Florida, who died after being shot by a Paterson police detective on October 10, 2022.

The inquiry into Zhang’s death encompassed a broad range of evidence, including witness interviews, surveillance footage, ballistics tests conducted by the New Jersey State Police, and the medical examiner’s autopsy results. Central to the investigation was a video of the incident, which was presented to the grand jury along with other evidence.

According to the investigation, the incident unfolded on the afternoon of October 10, 2022, when Zhang, driving in Paterson, collided with three vehicles near Straight and Van Houten streets. Zhang then fled on foot, attempting to carjack multiple other vehicles while brandishing what appeared to be a handgun and discharging it.

Detective Victor Lora, who was on duty but on a personal errand and in plain clothes at the time, pursued Zhang. Lora, who was not equipped with a body-worn camera, confronted Zhang on Van Houten Street as he tried to force a civilian out of a car. Lora ordered Zhang to drop the weapon, which witnesses affirm he pointed at the detective. In response, Lora discharged his firearm, fatally wounding Zhang.

Zhang was pronounced dead at the scene at approximately 4:23 p.m. The weapon he wielded was later identified as a 9-mm P.A.K. Zoraki semiautomatic “blank” pistol, an imitation firearm capable of mimicking a real gunshot’s sound and muzzle flash.

The grand jury’s decision of “no bill” indicates their conclusion that Lora’s actions did not warrant criminal charges. This verdict marks the end of the legal proceedings in this case.

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