Sheriff’s detectives raid Paterson apartment guarded by dog in drug bust, seizing $20,000 and gun | Paterson Times

Sheriff’s detectives raid Paterson apartment guarded by dog in drug bust, seizing $20,000 and gun


An investigation into a house being used for drug dealing yielded three arrested, $20,000 in cash, a handgun, and $15,000 worth of drugs, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Detectives charged Mathew R. McBryde Jr., 26, of Paterson; Jensi L. Ortega, 18, of Passaic City; and Carl M. Porto, 45, of Rockleigh.

Authorities said McBryde and Ortega were allegedly using second-floor of 168 Knickerbocker Avenue to store their drugs. They were unloading the drugs using a silver Hyundai and a black BMW.

Detectives started their investigation in November. On Tuesday, they established surveillance at the location.

McBryde allegedly sold cocaine to Porto, detectives observed. Porto was stopped and had 4 grams of cocaine he allegedly bought from McBryde.

Detectives pulled over the BMW and seized 15 ounces of marijuana, 2 oxycodone pills, and $ 1,842 cash. They also pulled over the Hyundai, seizing 19 grams of raw cocaine, 45 ecstasy pills, 10 oxycodone pills, 15 ounces of marijuana, and $150 cash.

Detectives then executed a warrant at the second floor of 168 Knickerbocker Avenue, McBryde’s residence. They were faced with a “vicious” dog that was guarding the inside of the residence. The dog became aggressive towards the officers.

Dog was restrained and secured in the bathroom. Animal was not hurt, authorities said. 5 ounces of raw of cocaine, 93 oxycodone pills, 30 Suboxone folds, a handgun loaded with 7 bullets, numerous items of drug paraphernalia, and $20,783 cash was seized from the apartment.

Drugs seized are valued at $15,000 on the streets, said the sheriff.

Detectives seized the cash, drugs, and the two vehicles.

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