Paterson police introduce officer contact cards to boost transparency | Paterson Times

Paterson police introduce officer contact cards to boost transparency


The police department has launched a new program to enhance transparency and strengthen community engagement by providing officers with contact cards. These cards, which officers will distribute during their interactions with community members, feature crucial details such as the officer’s rank, full name, and badge number.

On the reverse side of each card, there is a QR code. Scanning this code leads to a dedicated Police Encounter Q&A webpage. This online resource addresses frequently asked questions about police interactions and offers guidance on how to submit either a complaint or a compliment regarding an encounter with a Paterson police officer.

“These contact cards are an important step forward in our effort to police constitutionally and increase transparency,” said state-appointed police chief Isa Abbassi. “It will also allow our officers to better introduce themselves to members of the community and improve our customer service.”

This measure introduces an additional layer of accountability. Officers are instructed to hand out these cards upon request. The cards are designed to assist community members in various ways, including checking the status of police reports, identifying officers from incident scenes, and fostering stronger relationships with local law enforcement personnel.

The introduction of these contact cards is part of the Paterson Police Department’s ongoing efforts to build trust and maintain open lines of communication with the community it serves.