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Eid In Paterson

Muslims gathering for the prayer outside School 5 for Eid.

Early morning, hundreds of Muslims gathered behind School 5 to offer Eid prayer.

After 30 days of fasting, not being able to eat from dawn until dusk, today is a time for feasting, spending time with friends and relatives.

The Jamia or congregation gathered well before 8 am, patiently waiting until 8:30, when prayers would commence.

Hundreds of people gathered, filling up the entire school playground, each with a prayer mat; some who neglected or forgot to bring their mats shared space with others who were more mindful. The Imam delivered his khutbah or sermon: he talked about early Muslims who would give up their livelihood for fellow believers. And the self-sacrifice early Muslims engaged in. He also told a story about Isa or Jesus.

After the prayer and the sermon, people got up from their places of prayer, folding up their mats or towels, begin to exit the school yard.

Below is some of our pictures taken from the gathering:


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